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Game Education mobility and Cross collaboration.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Today, we see that in Sweden we have a good result in getting students from PlaygroundSquad to real job after graduating. We want this project to spread knowledge of this form of training and show how we work at the same time we want to learn how other education systems work in other countries. We want to give our students an opportunity to make the LIA (learning at work) abroad or participate in a project together in an apprenticeship program. In this way, garnering both tutors and students both linguistic skills but they also get greater insight into what it's like to work in another culture.This project will bring together professional training in the gaming industry and businesses. The project will lead to increase professional knowledge to our students and show off to other international companies how we are working in and how they can be involved in influencing the development of training programs.Through this project, we spread the knowledge of how Swedish Vocational training works and shows how successful it is to collaborate and develop how we work with different methods. We broaden our network and which work together to ensure that both the training and companies can exchange experiences and help each other to develop both education and industry so as to keep the gambling industry competitive against the USA and Asia industries. We want along with the gaming industry demonstrate that the gaming industry itself in influencing how training works to train people with the right skills for the gaming industry by engaging in games education by taking an active role when they are involved in developing training plans, guest lectures and offers LIA locations. In this way, they are with and reduce skills gaps and ensure that students coming out have the correct skills and become employable immediately after graduation.Those who will participate are three students per year who will make a 26 weeks long LIA in a gaming company that PlaygroundSquad Ltd collaborates with. Then we have 4 students per year who will make an exchange where they are with and participating in an apprenticeship projects where there along with apprentices in England are involved and take up a playable prototype. Through this they will get a deeper insight into how the project works, culture differences and develop their language skills.Our teachers will go in and teach in their fields they will deepen their linguistic skills and gain a greater knowledge of other educating forms and culturally what are the differences.In the long term, we hope that this project will lead to more cooperation and where companies engage in development of games training courses to ensure that those who educates comes out with the correct skills and become employable immediately after graduation.

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