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Start date: Jan 5, 2015, End date: Mar 4, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our Association has sent two volunteers to collaborate actively and solidarity in efforts to cultural, social and educational fields. We have offered the opportunity to participate in integrating them into Mladiinfo Montenegro to develop their skills, channel their concerns and develop their skills in the field of cultural promotion and free, social and non-formal education time. We want to enhance expression of social commitment and awareness in our young people through active participation. In principle, volunteers would develop their cooperation in the Association office in the center of Podgorica and in places where planned activities are carried out, collaborating in different areas: finding public and private grants, communication and dissemination activities support in the organization of workshops, meetings and press conferences to promote activities, support in the design, development and evaluation of activities (workshops, concerts, festivals, courses ....) and create new project contributing their ideas and knowledge the activities. Our work is aimed at a wide audience: children, youth, adults, people with special needs, etc., which also guarantee the voluntary contact with the diverse local community. The host organization guarantee us that had experience in formal and non-formal, which ensured the learning process of the volunteers, as well as previous experience with local volunteers. Volunteering development is a team effort in which there will be different phases: organization, training, participation, monitoring and evaluation will make continuous meetings for planning and support volunteer. The host institution ensured the development of volunteering through a participation-type methodology and socio-affective action, promoting teamwork, consensus decision-making and cooperation between equals. This mobility lasted 12 months in which to carry out their tasks in different sectors. The participating countries were: Spain and Montenegro. Unfortunately, the host entity violated almost the entire agreement and violated the needs and rights of volunteers (certification of facts signed by volunteers attached). Briefly we can say that the volunteers had neither enough food or money for food, living conditions did not cover the minimum (one volunteer had to sleep in the kitchen on a camp bed that had to mount / unmount daily) in terms of health care the host entity not helped the volunteers to come to the clinic to diseases of febrile type, host entity "locked" to a volunteer at the shelter for a few days to have it controlled. From the point of view of the service, their duties were limited to 30 minutes a day to copy and paste some links worldwide voluntary offers, the rest of the day doing nothing. Relations with the manager of the "Milica Zugic" gave rise to no dialogue, was authoritarian and could not talk to her to try to remedy those deficiencies. The Mladiingo Montenegro entity is a family association, its components are brothers / sisters, boyfriends, children / as, etc ... this suggests that this family could have a social interest, but clearly is having an economic interest. We have spoken with the National Agency of Spain (Galicia) and strongly recommended to cancel the project and reaching 1.5 months and if it had surpassed two months the volunteers no longer have the opportunity to do another project. Currently one of the volunteers (Javier) is making another volunteer in Bulgaria, he is excited and believes deeply in the Erasmus + projects.
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