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GALAXIES Gender GuidAnce pathways in Education and Vocational Training Systems for free seXIsm choicES

Galaxies was aimed to adapt the best practices GALAXY carried out in a previous Leonardo project in order to deepen the analysis of gender-specific guidance in the field of education and training. Galaxies was developed in three phases: The first phase focuses on a literature review of political attitudes on gender in schools and training centers in the country partners. The second phase of the adaptation and application of the "product" in the previous Galaxy projects identified as good practice developed and aligned. The adaptation was developed as a result of the contributions collected in the first phase, and what came out of the cross-country comparison. Content, methods, languages, technology: The adjustment has been associated. The third phase of the transmission and examination of all the partners in the countries of the final "product" focus. The experiments were performed in vocational training institutions with young people (14-20 years) performed involved. Main objectives of this phase were: - Integration of training of trainers running methods and tools such as integrated components of the orientation activities within the training institutions of the Company and its affiliated networks; - Increase teachers and trainers / consultants in vocational skills orientation with respect to gender differences and stereotypes; - Raising awareness of gender issues in all professional profiles involved in counseling for young people; - Spread a culture of gender orientation in young students, especially those called to a choice over the training and the integration must be provided in the labor market; - A systematic approach, such as a widespread practice in career counseling and vocational training institutions in the partner countries.
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