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Gain Empathy, Feel More Human
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The youth exchange project named “Gain Empathy, Feel More Human” will be held between 4-14 August 2016 in Giresun, Görele district. It is about violence against women and the main subject is disscussing the solution proposals. Since our main purpose is creating an awereness of empathy against the violence to woman and make sovereign the understanding and love to the severity, we prepared our activities by this patterns in general. The main product of this youth exchange will be a movie that includes some information about project topic and will be created and shared by all the participants by using the information from the activities of our project. By doing this, we will let many people to be informed about our topic. In the starting day of the project, we will tell the main idea of making a movie, gather the necessary arguments for the participant and give them enough time to finish the movie. The participants will create the ideas about the movie that will be recorded by themselves, starting from the second day of the project. The screenplay will be created in the light of the ideas coming from the activities as the days goes on and it will be completed before the premier. We will watch every one of the movies and choose the best of them by an election after the premier to share it on social media. Of course we will not only share the selected movie, we will share every product that we’ve made during the activities to get some intrest from people. Also we will give some presents to the winners of the movie game to let them remind our country, especially our city.In our project, we will make a gallup poll. One of our activities will be making poll and we will prepare some questions about the violence against women. Then we will go to the city center, ask these questions to people, gather some information from them and record the data. In the end of this poll, we will learn about the thoughts and solution proposals of the people in this violence situation.There will be 3 movie nights during the project. We will inform each country to search for films and preapare a presentation about violence to woman in their country. We will watch those films during the movie nights. By doing this, we will have information about violence to woman situation in our partner countries.In 5 cultural nights, the participants will present their culture. They can advertise their food or their cultural dances if they want. During these nigths, people will have great time, a chance to introduce their national culture and a chance to learn from the others.Some of the days will be held as visiting days. In these days, the participants will introduce themselves to the others more and they will learn a lot of things about our country and espacially our North region side of Turkey.In the long term, we aim informing as many people as about not to use violence to woman, and informing women about their rights. On the other hand, we aim to have new Turkey lovers and new voluntary Turkey ambassadors in our partner countries after our project.

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