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FYSIC - Fair Young Sustainable Inclusive and Cooperative
Start date: Nov 5, 2012,

As highlighted in the European Youth Policy referral documents (White Paper on Youth, European Youth Pact and The European Youth Strategy 2008-2018, the young European people are facing some challenges as: high rates of unemployment, that led to a real "struggle" for employment" that lowed the intergenerational (and intragenerational) cooperation; the decreasing trust in policy, that led to a "citizenship gap" and a decreasind rate of activism in the field; the climate change, a challenge (the main one) never faced by other generations, a challenge that requires quick and univocal responses.These challenges have in common that can be faced and solved just in a cooperative spirit that can be-linked-tQ-the-spinit-Qf-brotherhoQdľ-mentiQned in the Human Rights Declaration. This project want to promote the cooperative spirit to be addressed to the current challenges by enhancing alternative ways to piuducliuii and ecorrømteaf-eeøperation, to youngsters the necessary skills to participate in a active way in the policy making process as expressed by the Renewed Method of Coordination.Project objectives are:« to enhance youth employability and self employment by increasing their entrepreneurial competences and work skills in social economy and fair trade» to foster youth networking and good practices exchangeβ to promote youth active citizenship, giving them support to being aware on youth political issues and to speak up their opinion on policy making« to promote non formal learning and training in the social economy and fair trade sectorβ to make young people aware to environmental issues and sustainable choices of living and working methods.» to promote mobility of young peopleThe project, then, pursues Programme priorities as:» Partecipation of Youth people and cultural diversityβ Cultural diversityβ Spirit of initiative, creativity and entrepreunership, employability and inclusive growthβ Global environmental challanges and climate changeActivities foreseen: seminars on sustainable lifestyles and way to product, on young entrepreneurship, on european best policies on social economy and youth employment, workshops, non-formal learning activities, conferences an meetings, participation to a Fair Trade Exhibition, an e-commerce site and a web youth forum setting up, a Green Book on "Youth Policy Mainstreaming" adresses to policy makers.Target Group: 26 direct beneficiaries between 18 and 28 years old, between them 6 are young with fewer opportunities. 1000 youngsters will beneficiate in a indirect way of the project implementation.Countries involved: Italy, Ivory Coast, Togo, Czech Republic.

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