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Futuristic Touch on Vocational Training
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Within the scope of our project named as A Futuristic Touch on Vocational Training, 15 students from nursing, 15 from nursing aide and 20 from emergency medical services departments will undergo 14 days training course in the institutions based in Macedonia and the Czech Republic on the subjects of gerontology, elderly care, and CRP applications - case study. The project will be carried out between September 2016 and August 2017 and last for 12 months in total. 15 nursing department students from 10th and 11th grades will attend our first flow. Our participant students will undergo training course on Applied Gerontology between the dates of 04.03.2017 and 19.03.2017 in the flow towards Opsta Bolnica (General Hospital) institution in Macedonia. Our second flow will be on the same subject and towards the same institution as the first one. However, 15 participant students studying 10th and 11th grades will be coming from nursing aide department in the second flow. Our second flow will be carried out between the dates of 08.04.2017 and 23.04.2017 and our students will have training courses and applications on elderly care in Macedonia. The third and last flow will be carried out in Stredni Zdravotnicka Skola institution in the Czech Republic. 20 students from emergency medical services department will participate in this flow. Here they will have 14-days training course on CRP Applications - Study Case between the dates of 06.05.2017 and 21.05.2017. While determining the training course subjects, with the contributions of our branch teachers we have tended towards the subjects in which application experience in health sector have importance. The average life expectancy in Turkey is 63 for men and 72 for women. Considering that the number of elders will rapidly increase in forthcoming period, importance of Gerontology will increase accordingly. Showing correct approach is important for keeping elders to be beneficial to society, not to psychologically fray and not to break away from society by keeping elders within the society. Introducing Gerontology to our students, we aim to provide students with a chance of participating in applications in an experienced institution on the subjects of elderly care and health and old age psychology by means of this training course. With this training course that they will participate, our nursing and nursing aide students will understand expectations, needs, attitudes of elders and the difference between elders and middle age and young people, have communication experience with elders, be able to better understand needs and health requirements of elders and learn the required approach while supporting elders. In order to stay alive, respiration and circulation must be ensured for people whose heart and/or respiration have failed. All applications in order for ensuring respiration and circulation are called as “CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation”. 20 students from Emergency Medical Services department of our school will undergo training course on “CPR Applications - Case Study”. They will apply the application order and methods of steps in Resuscitation guidelines on various cases as simulation in this training course to be carried out. They will be able to witness the responses to probable actual cases in emergency department of Stfedni Zdravotnicka Skola institution. By this means, developments of back-jaw lifting and jaw pushing techniques which are required to ensure Airway Patency in CPR, life saver mouth-to-mouth breathing practices for respiration evaluation in CPR and chest massage practice for evaluation of Respiration findings in CPR. We will determine some criteria to assign our participant students for each three flows. The students meeting these criteria will be conclusively determined after the interview to be performed. In case of any trouble, we will assign 2 substitute students for each flow in order not to halt flow activities. Regular and substitute students to be assigned will participate in lingual, cultural and pedagogical preparation activities prior to flows. These activities will be organized in order tohave training courses to succeed the aimed objectives. Within the scope of our project, our participant students will develop their professional capabilities as well as lingual and cultural skills. They will tell their Europe experience in school and neighborhood and disseminate the incentive effect of our project. Other students and institutions will want to participate in international projects like us by taking the inspiration of our project. The preferability of our school will increase due to administrative capabilities and education quality and our school will gain prestige in our region.
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