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Future Skills for Biotechnology

The main purpose of the “FS Biotech – Future Skills For Biotechnology” project is to promote cooperation between HEI and companies by fostering the involvement of enterprises, Industry and Professional Associations, Alumni and other relevant stakeholders. Our goal is to develop and validate a Skills Profile (SP) for Biotechnology graduates using an instrument that will be administered to 500 companies from 4 European countries aiming to identify the market valued soft skills. Furthermore we intend to introduce these soft skills in the academic curricula generating a better adjustment between market needs and the graduate’s profiles. For that we will create a training model (CD-TM) in order to improve teachers’ skills and promote the reformulation of pedagogical methods like tutoring and coaching. This model will also take into account the results of an inventory of self-assessment (SPEI) used to evaluate the students skills and perceptions in self-regulated learning. We expect that this project will have a positive impact in the career services of HEI by gathering and disseminating good practices in this field in the European Union. We also expect that the creation of a career management model (CMM) transferable to others HEI and academic areas (beside Biotechnology) will have a positive impact in employment on this specific group – young graduates.Outputs:A) SP definition: creation of a Biotechnology SP using a workgroup methodology with companies, Industry and Professional Associations, Alumni, experts and other stakeholders. Administration of the SP to 500 companies in 4 countries (IE, PT, PL and UK). The aim is to foster cooperation between enterprises and Universities, promote curricular development and foster employability skills. B) Skills Development Strategy: transference of the SP into the curricula by a Curricular Development Training Model (CD-TM) and Tutoring Model; Development of a “Perceived Self-Regulated Learning Skills Inventory” which will allow students to evaluate their skills in self-regulated learning and tutors to improve students skills.C) New methodologies on Career Management in HEI: Benchmark of Good Practices by the promotion of a workshop with the HEI of the consortium which will allow the publishing of a Benchmark Report (to be placed on-line) and the development of a European Meeting which will allow us to gather a vaster group of HEI experts in the field of career management and publishing the papers presented in the event (1000 units in paper and creation of a short version to be available on-line). Creation of a CMM with the help of experts in the employment area, resorting to HEI staff certification on coaching. This CMM will be registered in order to protect the intellectual property so it can be made available with a Guide Book and resources promoting its use in others HEI (consultancy to the interested HEI will also be given by the consortium). All the support resources and programs will be available in four languages: English, Portuguese, German and Polish. The web platform will be the main way to communicate and disseminate the outputs among all the participants. The created consortium and the project goals and outputs will be of a great value for competitiveness in Universities and SMEs in the context of the Knowledge Based Society. The outputs of the project will be transferable to other HEI and the impact of the project at a European level will foster the HEI quality, graduates employability and entrepreneurship and an increase in the cooperation between universities and companies.
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