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Futura 2.0
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Language has to been seen from a broader perspective. This means that language is not only verbal or written but can also be expressed through dance, pictures, movement, drama etc. Language is not only expressions but also communication and learning. Sweden and the EU have identified language as an area to be developed and through previous projects (Futura, “the language project”) as well as our systematic work with quality improvement, it has been made clear that .. Therefore we have identified a need to deepen the perspective on language and how language is used by the children to communicate, learn and express.We want to send 40 participants (and one interpreter and one person to document the experience) to the Italian organization Progettinfanzia, which has a lot of knowledge in languages and the concept “the whole language”. To make the project last beyond the end of the actual end date is it important to make possibilities for reflection and processing. The participants will therefore be part of networks and be offered preparatory lectures (payed for by the applicant organization itself) before the actual course in Italy. The purpose of the fieldtrip and course is to connect theory and practice (though lectures, workshops and study visits) in dialogue with an organization that has a complementary vision of language. The educators that take part in this will after the course take part in follow up activities, in which the receiving organization also will take part. The objectives are that the educators though the project will:- Get a deeper understanding for the “whole language” concept- Obtain practical knowledge about different “languages” and their possibilities (put theory in to practice) - Get a better understanding concerning how the “whole language” concept can be connected to learning and communication- Understanding for how their own approach towards language affects the childrens’ opportunity to use different languagesThe goals for the skills development:- to reflect and process together with other in networks- to participate in preparations, lectures, study-visits, workshop and follow up- to get inspired by the possibilities of languages and transfer this inspiration to colleagues- through international work get perspective on ones’ own teaching methods concerning language and language development. The longterm goal for the project is to improve the quality of the pre-schools and by skills development for the educators create better opportunities for the children in our pre-schools to express and communicate but also to be understood in more ways than by only using words.
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