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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is a youth exchange between the Siggiewi Youth Group 1997/1998 and the ‘Gruppo Adolescenti Oratorio Sesto Calende’. The aim of both groups is to help these teenagers in their character formation and become active citizens throughout the community: locally and nationally. The exchange has taken place in Malta between the 1st and the 10th of August. The group is made up of 37 youths who are seventeen years old or slightly older from both countries and 6 leaders. The members who participated in the exchange are all studying with a small percentage of the group also having part-time jobs. Furthermore, certain participants of the group are differently abled. The objective of the project was to promote the various aspects of technology in relation to youth employability. The aim of the project was to enhance the ability of the participants' technical skills, whilst giving them the opportunity to increase their knowledge in how the job market functions and said working environment. Various activities corresponding to the objectives were organised in an interactive way.The main activities throughout the 10-day exchange were: - A growing-in-two method was used to introduce the theme of the exchange where participants could highlight the difference and common aspects between both nations on youth employability and technology. The participants voiced their opinions about what currently being done by their respective governments and agencies to improve their skills and subsequently employment. - the various technologies employed by jobs throughout the ages. Various stations were assigned a different period, where in each period an activity was organised. Each activity showed the participants how a particular job in that time period functioned. - A vox-pop was done in Valletta to gain a better understanding of the various current employment possibilities and note the use of technology needed by the employees to carry out their work. This was done to highlight the opinions of other young people with respect to employment and technology. - A guest speaker from the EUPA gave a talk on the importance of the Europass CV, how participants should fill it out and their behaviour throughout an interview. The improvement of one's soft skills was the objective of this activity. - Topics such as the glass-sealing, gender discrimination and the advantages and disadvantages of teleworking was reflected upon through another activity. The group had to draw a predetermined shape onto a large piece of paper. This predetermined shape was unknown to all but one from the group. This person had to relay information to a specially designated 'runner' person who had to deliver this information to the group. - The participants were engaged in a series of tasks in order to experience first hand difficulties posed to differently abled people at a place of work. Whilst on the other hand, the benefits brought by technology which aid these physically impaired people to carry a fulfilling work experience. To further showcase these problems, physically impaired people were invited over to give their own perspective. - An excursion to the Magro Food Village in Gozo showed how technology is utlised in order to produce a product more efficiently, safely and cheaply. - To further emphasize technologies role in a working environment, a local guest speaker was invited to carry out a workshop in respect to agriculture an technology in Siggiewi. In conclusion, these participants are able to more efficiently apply and obtain a job whilst also being able to reflect on how technology may improve their opportunities for work. Through this exchange, the participants' capabilities and know-how has improved in respect to how to apply for a job, subsequently improving their opportunity for employment. They have also learnt how to present themselves as a desirable candidate in the interview process.
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