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Fusion for Creativity - sharing and exploring methods of dance and coaching to support the growth of youth entrepreneurship
Start date: Jan 30, 2015, End date: Jul 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

„Fusion for Creativity - sharing and exploring methods of dance and coaching to support the growth of youth entrepreneurship”is realisedby a partnership of 8 NGOs form 8 countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Latvia, Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, with the coordination or Egyesek Youth Association, Hungary. The aim of the project is to improve initiative and entrepreneurship of young people and to support the generation to participate actively in society in a way that they become creators of their future communities, business and employment opportunities. In order that youth work and non-formal learning can have a significant impact in this field, the project improves professional competences of youth workers. We focus on 4 key competences: initiative and entrepreneurship, learning to learn, cultural awareness and expression, social and civic competences. We offer experience and practice in combining techniques and principles from contemporary dance, performance, individual and team coaching applied with youth. We focus on the skills of the youth worker that multiplies in their daily work and the skills improvement of youth, to support young individuals and groups to realize and maintain initiatives, from ideas to action and result. Our target group is youth workers and young volunteers who are active in supporting non-formal learning activities in their organisations, coming from diverse professional, generational, economic, cultural and social backgrounds, working with young people at risk, facing challenging life-situations, poverty and discrimitation. Our objectives are: - to share and fusion methods and best practice from contemporary dance and youth coaching - to improve entrepreneurship, employability and local participation of youth - to improve professional competences of youth workers in designing, guiding and evaluating learning activities The project has 2 interrelated training coursesas main activities (A1dates 21st July- 28th July 2015, number of participants 30 and A2 dates 15th October- 23rd October 2015, number of participants 32), both taking place in Hollókő, Hungary. Both TCs fusion, develop and share methods from contemporary dance, performance creation, individual and team coaching applied with youth to improve their competence of inititiative and entrepreneurship. We give a distinct focus to the content, nature and dynamics of different initiatives: - The 1st TC shares practices and develops new methods in coaching young individuals and their small teams in business entrepreneurship, freelance-type and project-based work; - The 2nd TC shares practicesand develops new tools and techniques to coach larger teams of young people in realising a community initiative. Working methodsare designed according to the principles of experiential, non-formal learning in a multicultural context, in each TC specifically chosen and adapted to its theme and the needs expressed by participants. - structured exercises, integrating methods and techniques from contemporary dance, sports, movement-theatre, art, individual and team coaching, focusing on the improvement of entrepreneurship skills - „learning groups” to monitor and support self-directed, individual learning and to focus on the possible use of the activities in youth work - performance and its creation in rehearsals, individual and team coaching of the creation - theoretical input, case studies, NGO and best practice presentations, facilitated debates and discussions - information on YouthPass and the Erasmus+ Program - preparatory group meetings and personal e-preparation before and follow-up meetings after the TCs As a resultyouth workers become preparedto support young people as individuals and teams of young people to start a community initiative or business and manage the creation process. They become more equipped to design, present, guide and evaluate learning processes with dance and movement-based methods for skills improvement, apply coaching techniques and skills.They become confident and willing to work in international teams and find motivation to explore and expand their own learning opportunities. Partners can offer more diverse activities, new methods and approaches which allows them to involve and engage young people on the long-term, as well as to reach new target groups. Young peopledevelop aresponsible attitude to act as an example for their peers, understand how by taking their lives into their hands by initiating community actions, volunteering and by finding a job and taking care of themselves. The recognition of non-formal learning and international mobility as a tool of learning increases in the local communities. Showing results and quality, local authorities, schools and other stakeholders become more open to cooperation with youth NGOs and to give space and support to young people’s initiatives and new international projects.

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