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Further Training Model "Specialists in Renewable Energy- Technologies in Sanitary, Heating and Air-Conditioning Crafts"

The climate protection goals of the EU require determined action at manylevels. The EU Buildings Directive will require specialised knowledge anda rapidly expanding context of experience in regenerative energy use, notonly by planners and engineers, but also by the SMEs in the sanitary,heating and air conditioning crafts. The range of activity of the Europeancrafts must urgently be extended to cover these skills, for it is primarilythe crafts SMEs which will increasingly be called upon in future for theproduction, monitoring, maintenance and repair of facilities. To date,there is no complex model which might provide the trades enterpriseswith the possibility to view their particular services in a complex context,to assess the interaction of various measures and to expand their rangeof services offered. With the further education model "expert forrenewable energy technologies in the sanitary, heating and airconditioning crafts", those skills which are oriented toward the economicand technological conditions of the crafts are to be developed and tested.This will help the companies to adjust adequately to future marketconditions, and at the same time to contribute to the dissemination ofclimate protection goals by good examples and customer consultingservices. The model is to be tested and evaluated in eight work steps.The curricula are to be oriented towards the specifications of theEuropean Qualification Framework (EQF). The results are to bedisseminated as manual via the common Internet platform, and also as afurther-education model at the regional levels. Moreover, the participatingpartners and trade associations are to use their respective tradepublications to advertise the further education programmes. Thus, aproven model is to be provided, which will further develop the sustainableand qualitative aspects of the SHC crafts in an essential economic field ofthe future.
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