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Funeral Services Master Business Administration

This Funeral Services MBA tries to make it easier for European funeral directors to adapt themselves to a new reality. That fact made almost useless any attempt to innovate or improve methodologies of management. Nowadays, the liberalisation of the sector promotes competition between funeral companies, they must face those challenges under the sign of uncertainty due to the fact that many of these funeral companies are run by families and a great deal of them are small or medium-sized enterprises. Innovation in management strategies, new procedures in European legislation and to be able to deal with changes in cultural and religious communities are the needs of an industry that fights to modernize itself. This training tries to help actively to incorporate the most modern techniques in management in the European funeral domain. The project is addressed to managers that already assume responsibilities in funeral companies but the liberalisation of the sector has plunged them into uncertainty. The proposal tries to inculcate the students that the liberalisation is an opportunity to grow and to strengthen bonds with other funeral associations in Europe, to share the difficulties and the advantages of the new process. That’s why team-working is so important in this course. The whole project is conceived also as a tool to channel their proposals, by giving the students a good understanding of the current conditions of funeral services firms and applying the essential techniques of management in fields that are relevant to funeral services firms, creating a breeding ground where ideas can be discussed, studied and applied in the final project not just to get a good score but to apply, finally, in their own companies the knowledge acquired in the classes. The students will be responsible for ensuring they maximise the benefits to be gained from this work experience program.
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