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Function of centromeres during meiotic bouquet stage and protein composition of telomeres (meiotic centromeres)
Start date: Jul 31, 2012, End date: Jul 30, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Meiosis is a fundamental process in cell biology. During meiosis several unique features events occur such as segregation of homologs rather than sister chromatids and repair of double strand breaks by recombination of the homologs happen. During the first reductional meiotic division, the telomeres cluster in a formation called "bouquet". The bouquet is important for the establishment and maturation of the spindle during meiosis, and is conserved in evolution. Initial results lead us to suspect that the bouquet might affect chromosome segregation through effect on meiotic centromeres. In my this project I intend to study the effect of bouquet disruption on the protein composition and microtubules attachment of centromeres during S. pombe meiosis. I plan to investigate the possibility that a cis effect is mediated between the telomeres and the centromere of the same chromosome. This study will be conductedwill be accomplished by live cell imaging using fluorescent microscopy, together with advanced genetic techniques available in fission yeast. In addition, I intend to isolate all the proteins associated with a pombe telomere. This will be accomplished by using the newly developed PICh technique, and by careful quantification of the yield and use of a unique control without telomeres available only in fission yeast.
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