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Full-capacity insertion for non-national workers in EU Member States
Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

The importance of non national workers in the EU job market is an issue clearly accepted and shared by the majority, especially in those fields that EU citizens are no more willing to cover. The future introduction of the 'Blue card' will definitely support a better newcomers allocation. The idea behind the project is to create tools (training course on- and off- line, manuals, website...) that are transferable to a broad range of groups, that will support professional development to the project, in the course of the action, will: -identify failures, , and analyse services offered at local level to compare those at international level, to detect lacking areas, good practices and shared solutions. This action will be completed by interviews with Employers and final users of the project products. - Develop a network with interested groups from different Countries, to help define support tools; creation of virtual spaces to facilitate communication and knowledge and information sharing. - Encourage professional training of job placement employees. - Enhance awareness to managers to employ immigrants, by contributing to diffuse the idea of job flexibility and personalized insertion.- Facilitate the diffusion of the tools developed and promote a new attitude towards employing immigrants . Impact is foreseen at different levels.-on the staff of the partners and trainers - improved capacities - On training beneficiaries; improved working skills-On local level better understanding of immigrants needs- On a wider level society, associates and policy makers. Through the web, a large number of people are reached.

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