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From Tree to Table

This partnership involves four VET organizations from Romania, Sweden, Cyprus and Hungary, being focused on the fields of forestry and woodworking. It enabled trainers from partner organizations to exchange training experience and learn more about their VET field.Romania contributed with trainers specialised in forestry, primary woodworking process, environmental protection and methods of forest preservation. Sweden participated with trainers specialised in modern machinery for woodworking, presenting methods of designing products before starting their production and specialized professional training. Cyprus contributed with trainers specialised in business and innovation management training in the field covered by the project. Hungary presented wood processing methods for doors and windows by machinery and demonstrate a program representing a high-technology Paolóni automatic machinery, with its accessories and parts. The project products are a CD containing training materials and a project web page where each partner has its specific topics and a curricula about different forestry and woodworking training methods used in EU countries. Project meetings were organized by partners in their countries, where the materials prepared for the CD and web page, were presented by host organization and discussed in workshops. The partnership helped to increase the trainers` qualifications, with impact on the improvement of training process in the participating organisations, preparing a framework for further mobility projects for trainees, including local enterprises or VET schools from all participating countries, also having a broader impact - by its CD and web page - bringing the project results to all European interested organisations.
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