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From Sunnmøre to Catalunia through Art Nouveau
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"From Sunnmøre to Catalonia through Art Nouveau" is a bilateral project involving Sykkylven vgs and Institut XXV Olimpíada. The project is thought for upper secondary school pupils (second year), and it has been motivated by the good synergies which international partnerships generate. The main theme of the project is Art Nouveau, which is a common trait Sunnmøre and Catalonia have. Moreover Art Nouveau reflects a historical period of Europe, and there is expressions of it present in many more regions, cities and towns of Europe. Thus this project has as its main goal to develop students academic, personal, and professional skills through producing a multilingual Art Nouveau Learning Program. In the process of producing the mentioned result Spanish and Norwegian students will work together exchanging experiences, working methods, and techniques. Furthermore the participants will be generating long lasting bonds that will contribute to promote European development, integration, and solidarity. The project activities have as main goal the generation of the Learning Program. However in this process we want pupils to broaden their historical perspective of local expressions such as Art Nouveau. Of great importance to the project as well is the way and conditions of life people had during this historical period. Entrepreneurship as a working approach is a crucial element of this project. Entrepreneurial thinking and methodology are together a common thread to several of the activities planned in this project. Why this focus on entrepreneurship's way of thinking and methodology? We want to promote critical and creative thinking, we want to equip our future citizens, our future leaders, with the tools necessary to analyze, cope, adapt, and master the challenges of their times. Activities will include access to the museum's archives and library, guided tours around the cities of Ålesund, Barcelona and its surroundings. Gathering of Life stories from the time Ålesund was reconstructed; exploration of local landscape and natural environment that inspired the local expressions of Art Nouveau. Visits to old factories at the industrial pole of Llobregat river and Ter. Workshops with activities aiming "historic empathy", where the pupils will work with Life stories of children and women who worked at the factories. Moreover the project will organize social gatherings such as food courts and family outings during exchanges where the participants will experience different local traditional dishes and activities.
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