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From Science to Art - Industrialists, Scientists and Technologists in our European Regions (ARTIST)

“From Science to Art – Industrialists, Scientists, and Technologists in our European regions”. (ARTIST)In the course of the project 6 technically /vocationally oriented schools will study remarkable scientists, technologists and industrialists of their respective regions – some of which have fused their work with art. While some of those personalities are still enjoying (inter-)national recognition, others may be almost forgotten. The object of the project is to enhance:- our appreciation for a common European scientific, cultural and artistic heritage- an understanding of the diversity of (European) approaches in teaching science/technology/languages- an appreciation for locally important personalities in other countries- the chances for (socially and/or economically disadvantaged) students to participate in international co operations- an understanding of links between science, technology and art –either manifested in the persons that are focused on or in the ways of presenting them- the learning and use of modern tools of communicationThroughout the project the students will use (and develop) a common website that transmits progress on their work. Apart from working, displaying and discussing their individual personalities each school will also play an important role in assisting the other schools in particular fields.
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