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From School to Career : A Methodology for a Student-Centric Career Guidance by using Career Path Test (CPT)

EU countries combat with low education level, unemployment, misemployment and integration of citizens in social and work life. Lisbon strategy aims at reaching a capacity of sustainable growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion. Central to this aim is the need to have more efficient career guidance approaches, focusing on misemployment of tomorrow’s work force: youngsters. The Copenhagen Declaration (2002) also refers to the importance of guidance and counselling in EU Member States at all levels of education. With S2CPT, young people are given a chance to self-diagnose their predispositions, abilities, skills, personality type and numerous other elements that allow to shape one’s career in a satisfactory way.The project aimed at developing career guidance system which could be used as either a stand alone or a complimentary tool in schools. The student-centric approach of the S2CPT lets students gain more by means of online materials. Every partner implemented S2CPT involving counselors, parents and students in schools. Vocational guidance tools already existing in partner countries are mostly targeted at younger students, often require direct assistance of counselors and do not include parents/carers as important agents in vocational decision making. These were assured in S2CPT. The project resulted in an innovative, scientific and self-diagnosis career guidance tool, S2CPT system, to determine career tendencies of individuals and guide them in their career paths. The system includes: tools for students’ independent diagnosis and supportive materials for counselors/teachers and parents as well. It consists of:- Online Inventory for students (based on Dr. John Holland’s RIASEC and Dunn&Dunn’s Learning Style theories), - Curriculum for students, parents and counselors/teachers,- Implementation Manual for counselors/teachers. It is a comprehensive multilingual, country & culture based tool for improving counseling process aimed at secondary and upper secondary students. The S2CPT provides secondary and VET school students the awareness of career decision making, supply school counselors a powerful tool they can use at schools, bring school teachers competency in career guidance and add the parents the awareness on supporting their children’s career decisions.
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