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From Photography To Action
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Youth Exchange - "From Photography to Action" takes place during 3 - 10th of May , 2015 in Split, Croatia and brings together 37 participants (including facilitators) from 7 EU countries: Turkey, Germany, Croatia, Romania, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria. This project encourages creation of active citizens who participate in making better society. We want to show how photography combined with social networks can have enormous power in spreading information. YE has numerous goals, but just one outcome and that is: making the youth active. Trough methods of formal and non formal learning, enforced with various games, brainstormings, examples and open discussions, we will use photography and social networks as a tools achieve our goals. Most of the young people today possess photo camera (mostly integrated in mobile phones) and have an account on some social network. Main problem of the youth today, as we see it, is their lethargy and passivity. They don't react on problems that surround them, don't have interest in politics, don't vote because they think that they cannot change anything. We want to use simple tools such as photography to show how one photo can make a chain reaction and certain changes in the end. We have been witnesses of such things, photo placed on social networks reached the policy makers and they started to work on presented problem solution. But social networks can also be a good platform for presenting good solutions as well as platforms for different debates. This project aims to inspire youth to be active in their local communities or on more global level and to prove that photography can be powerful medium in initiating social changes. Project results will be shown firstly trough final exhibition and secondly trough project evaluation after the training is over. Project main objectives are: - to initiate social changes by usage of photography and social networks - to raise awareness about importance of active citizenship - to provide technical information in using photography and social networks - to encourage youth to use photography as a tool of inducing changes in their environment - to raise awareness about importance of taking part in decision making of our society We believe that individual or group activity can affect crucial social questions. In the times of expansion of social networks everyone has opportunity to be visible and react on social problems. As today almost everyone posses devices which are capable of documenting certain situations and spread information in few seconds, we believe it is very important that society, especially youth indicate social problems and seek for better solutions. Young people today think they are not able to improve their lifestyle and their community, they are lethargic and passive. One can see that clearly if we look at the European parliament elections where young people take only small percentage in total number of votes. We expect the project brings the following impacts: - opening discussion about local problems - reaching the policy makers - develop ideas about solving the problems in local community - contact and cooperation with local NGOs - stay in touch of participants and cooperation in future on local and global issues - making the local and EU youth more active, in form of active citizenship - future development of this project in some other forms Age of participants involved in the project: 18-30 years, from 7 countries, 5 participants per each group, of which is 2 female and 3 male/ 3 female and 2 male participants. Due to the world crisis and bad economical situations in some of the European countries young citizens are quite lethargic and passive when we speak of social changes and problems. In some situation they would like to react on some matter but they don't have courage and are very unsure about themselves and ways of reacting or they think they can't react alone so they need support. We will try to gather youth which have this profile and we will try to give them potential solutions and tips for their social reaction. Apart from theoretical and practical project work, the other group of participants will also make important role: participants which are active in the social changes, who are activists and youth leaders. We will join these two groups of young people and give them opportunity to understand each other, cooperate and bring new ideas, to encourage each other among themselves on social actions.

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