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From New to Truly Social Media – Successfully applying IT in Youth Work
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The beginning of the third millennium goes together not only with the dawn of digitalized media technologies, internet, websites, computer multimedia, video games, augmented reality, etc. but also with a social revolution initiated by the interconnectibiliy of users throughout the planet. From an industrial revolution over a commercial revolution the creation of social media has made it possible to potentially reach into every household, allow for individual contacts of literally billions of people. In essence more and more persons are ‘online’ for ever longer time with a realistic vision that most of all people might be online forever in a near future. The ones to be reached first by this revolution is the youngest generation. According to a U.S. research 8–18 year-olds already in 2010 devoted an equivalent of an adult working day into using entertainment media. Kids and youth are also the ones most fascinated – and occupied – in manipulating and distributing media content, thereby creating the basis of their own kind of ‘social media’. This has deep implications for future youth work. Youth workers on the other hand have often less media competence than their entrusted youngster, while they have more social competences. This creates a difficult gap in the perception of the problem, which this training course attempts to bridge. Our Training Course ‘From New to Truly Social Media’ will gather 36 youth workers and youth leaders from 21 countries. Our participants introduced into the specific internet and social media community terminology. We teach them about the basic knowledge of ‘code’, improve their knowledge of highly applicable software and raise their digital competence in presentation software, survey software, documentation software. We will show them, how to apply e-Learning tools in their daily work. They will learn about specific EU initiatives that promote e-learning, the accessibility of the internet, increasing e-commerce and also e-governance. We will make them versatile in opening the box of knowledge within the internet. We will also enhance their knowledge about telecommunication and internet technology. Our training approach stretches from introductions through experts to discussions among participants. Our participants will meet programs of social media and creators of its content. We will raise the awareness about the dynamics of the ongoing social media revolution through encounters with politicians, lawmakers and activists. But we will also create encounters and discussions with youth itself in that public debate. We will shed a light on the cultural reflections caused by the rise of social media. Throughout the course, participants will learn how to create social media content themselves. They will learn to set up their own platforms and work together on possible tools of their future work. Our training course intends to bring youth workers and youth leader online to support young population in their country in the future in multiple ways. We intend to create a concise perception of the necessity to create interactive content. But we also expect participants to be future multipliers of already existing tools provided by the market, social institutions, NGOs, the EU and national institutions to improve learning skills, employment opportunities and mobility offers. The training will take place in Potsdam 28.08. - 06.09.2015 and include participants from program and partner countries.
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