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From Knowledge Transfer to Autonomous Learning

In this project a European-wide consortium will undertake a ‘pilgrimage’ in order tocompile a ‘canon’ of autonomous learning for teachers and trainers in adult education.In the rapidly changing world of the 21st century because of globalisation and newtechnology, the partners believe that the acquisition and implementation of autonomouslearning skills contributes to better adult education.The ‘pilgrimage’ aims to connect teachers; develop supporting materials and exchangeexperiences in order to improve teaching and learning. Adult learners benefit from alearning environment in which new learning experiences get connected to existingknowledge, experiences or insights. The ‘canon’ contains materials which help to equipteachers as they shift from lecturing to orchestration of learning. In the learning processteachers have at their disposal six critical success factors, which enable them toarrange learning.These ‘shrines’ are:- learning environment- learning location- teaching/training methods- assessment techniques- ICT media/technology- curriculum (interdisciplinary) opportunities.Teachers manage and develop each shrine for learning purposes.This is innovative for teachers who even in modern times mainly transfer knowledge intraditional ways. John Kotter, the American Harvard Professor of Change Management,explains that change can be supported by assembling good practises (so called“stories”), which serve as ‘evidence’ for new behaviour.The canon will support teachers by providing a diverse number of good examples suchas:- prototypes of filmed didactical approaches in the You Tube style- web logs of teaching experiences- platform of discussions- guidelines, descriptions etc.Partners will encourage their staff to implement the new ideas and concepts.During the project lifetime several ‘refuges’ as international meetings for exchangemoments and reflection will be organised. In this way connections between teachersfrom 12 European countries will be established. Each of the participating organisationswill identify at least one partner in their home country and another partner from the EUbranch of the ‘global village’ as fellow pilgrims, to expand the canon and improveeducation. The project delivers a conceptual framework acting as a standard forinnovative learning activities.

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