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From Heroes We Know to Heroes We Are
Start date: Jun 17, 2014, End date: Dec 17, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project called “From Heroes We Know to Heroes We Are” is represented by the youth exchange activity which will take place in Strmilov, Czech Republic, from 16th July till 26th July. Participating organisations are from Czech Republic, Spain and Portugal and they will involve 24 participants (including leaders) aged from 18 to 25. The idea of the project originated from our own experience (as organisers are young people aged from 18 till 26) that nowadays it can be really hard to find a job and even harder to do a job you really like and want to do. The problem also often is to decide what actually we want to do in our lives, because our school system does not provide appropriate support to be able to determine one´s goals and planning one´s future. Therefore, our project was born with the idea of finding ourselves in the world: what we want to do with our future and what can we do to achieve it. And for us, young people, the perfect inspirational background that will help us achieving this goal is a superhero context - we will work with this topic to get inspiration and motivation to grow and to become superheroes of our own lives. As we mentioned the project will bring together 24 young people who have plenty possibilities regarding their future, but who are not always totally aware of them. We want to help them to make the future clearer by being conscious about their flaws and strengths and about their goals and also by knowing possibilities EU brings us. That will be done through this youth exchange where methods of work will be represented mostly by non-formal education, group work, theatre methods, role playing, self-assessment and others. There will be personal and group evaluations every day during the whole process, so we will have instant feedback about the accomplishment of the activities. We expect this exchange could bring people the possibility and the encouragement to follow their dreams because of a better knowledge of themselves and the chances the world brings them, all with open minds and the needed motivation to do what they really want for living, not being afraid about the situation of unemployment. Because they will be their own superheroes.
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