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From forming till perfoming in international environment
Start date: Feb 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Many good business ideas haven't developed into real business because there was lack of an effective team. The survey results of need analysis in the labour market made by University foundation Campus Europae this year showed that most of the employers as one of the most desirable skills what they expect from they employees are Interpersonal skills like work in teams, problem solving etc. Furthermore nowadays the societies become more international as well as growing businesses are usually international businesses - it means that in order to increase the employability of youth, they need also inter-cultural communication skills, skills to work in international team and international environment.Usually during the youth exchanges there are a lot of games and activities available for team building, however there is a lack of explanation of psychological aspects of processes what the team is going through, to become as an effective team, about barriers in teamwork and how to overcome them, how to increase the commitment and the accountability. Making the youth more aware of psychological processes in a team work using the methods "learning by doing" will help the to learn how to build the trust, develop the commitment and how to resolve conflicts. They employability of youth will grow then noticeably.he aim of the project "From Forming till Performing in International Environment" is to improve the team working skills of youth in international environment by using different informal education methods and to make the youth more aware on the processes in a team work.The objectives of the project are:- to help the youth to become more aware of team team developing processes with an emphasis on international teams,-to encourage the youth to be honest and to help them to overcome the conflict, if the opinion in the team is different-to help the youth to go through the project phases together with their team and become more aware on tools which they can use to make projects in team more successful -to promote the idea of "Youth initiative" and to encourage the youth to share their ideas and develop international projects with international teams in this field-to help the youth to learn from they mistake and to encourage them to find the solutions if something goes in different way as planned before-to make the youth aware on cultural differences, to help them to learn from different cultures and to find the ways of collaboration with people from different cultures.In this youth exchange project 36 participants will be involved. From each country 6 participants: 1 group leader, 2 participants with educational problems or socially and economically disadvantaged, 3 participants with some experience in team work and willing support other youth. This proportion of participants will help the youth with problem in education to go successfully through all the phases in the exchange and they will be supported by other participants.The age of the participants will be 18 - 30. The group leaders will be at least 18 years old.After the selection of the participants the advance planning visit will take place in Latvia to discuss with the group leaders and the participants the details of the youth exchange so they can prepare the participants. During the youth exchange the youth will work on development of project ideas for "youth initiative" and how to make the youth more socially active and in this way they will become also more aware on working in teams - the processes: forming, storming, norming and performing will be discussed analyzed and the participants will discover different methods and instruments how they can improve their work in team. As well as they will become more aware on main phases in project management.During the project different energizers, group games, discussions, team building sessions, out-door activities and team coaching elements will be used to reach the objectives of the project and overall aim of the project.The participants will improve following competences: sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and expressions, learning to learn.The meeting games and cultural night will help the participants to raise the tolerance among each other and their culture, the prejudice will be removed, their willingness to make friendships will improve, thanks to the tolerance they will develop towards different cultures and beliefs, they will wish to establish inter cultural dialogue. This will feel that they are only one society in peace with each other. As a result of this adaptation the idea of long cooperation among the organizations will improve.

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