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From exclusion to respect
Start date: Jun 15, 2016, End date: Jan 14, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

About Project :Due to present situation In Europe connected with Massie influx of new cultures we to teach young Europeans how to become “a soldier of peace”. Thought integration workshops teach tolerance, break the language barrier, show the value of education, promote the ideas of Eramus+ program and teach the multicultural dialog and active citizenship.Aims of project : - To build common European identity- To break intercultural barriers- To increase awareness about social exclusion, this aim is on the list of Eramus+- To build connections with partner organizations who fight with social exclusion, teach tolerance and work with modern methods in non-formal education- To increase mobility of Human resources development, to build ambitious social behaviorsThe number and profile of participants :6 people from each 6 partner countries, age 18-25 ( 5 participants + 1 group leader with no age limit). 36 people at all.Main criteria of participants selection :- Interested in social exclusion topic- Wish to increase knowledge about social exclusion- Wish to participate in Erasmus+ project with use of non-formal education- Wish to fight against social exclusion in their local community and wish to spread the information about social exclusion and Erasmus+ programmeActivities through the Project :During the Project we will aware our participants, that each of us was part of social exclusion. We want to motivate people to fight with social exclusion, to build brave, ambitious behaviors. Through many of workshops we want to show that each of us is different, which does not mean worse.Methods :Discussions, integration games, activities which will break the own barriers of participants and which will encourage to be involved in activities, discussions in groups and between the groups, group presentation, multimedia presentations, workshops, individual work, the methods of project work (brainstorming, analysis), step forward, cards games, energizersPredicted outcomes : - to create the model of „soldier of peace”- to increase language abilities and communication skills- to increase self-esteem and self confidence- to get many basic skills like competences about solving the problem in group- to increase creativity and help participants to be more open-minded- to create the model of willing to help- to promote positive examples of behaviorLong-term benefits : This project will help to create and establish partnership in all the fields of cultural activities between partners from whole Europe.
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