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Fremdsprachen, innovative Methoden und Technologien im kompetenzorientierten Unterricht der Schulqualitätsoffensive (SQA)
Start date: Jul 6, 2015, End date: Jul 5, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background The Akademische Gymnasium Vienna focuses on teaching foreign languages. All the pupils study three foreign languages (English and French as well as Latin) from junior high school onward. The Akademische Gymnasium Vienna has participated in a number of international projects (e.g. Comenius projects and Euroscola). Teachers regularly organise language study travels for their pupils and prepare them for Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE/C1) and DELF exams. These activities are in accord with two important objectives of the Akademische Gymnasium: to teach excellent foreign language skills to pupils and to contribute to the internationalisation of education. Besides, starting in year 1, blended learning and e-Learning are used to integrate modern technology into the classroom. So, pupils acquire the necessary skills to come to terms with the information and knowledge society of today. The Akademische Gymnasium Vienna, lead by the new headmaster Mag. Trummer since September 2014, participates in the program “Schulqualität Allgemeinbildung“, furthering quality in general education. The objectives “competence oriented learning and individualised education” pose enormous challenges to the teaching staff. International teacher training courses are part of our future development. Topics addressed by the project - Our project aims at improving both the language skills and the methodological competence of the participating teachers as well as their colleagues. The selected teacher training courses will help us realise the educational objectives of the Akademische Gymnasium even more successfully. - The courses will enhance the methodological expertise, especially methods of competence oriented and individualised learning. - Participants will learn new ways how to use the internet and other ICT resources in class for self-reliant and autonomous learning. - Participants will share experiences, ideas and best practices with colleagues from other European countries. Personal profile of the 3 participants Mag. Gabriele Basty teaches French and German at the Akademische Gymnasium Vienna. She has repeatedly organised exchange and language study travels for our pupils and wants to enhance her international intercommunication. Always considering the best interest of her pupils, she wants to develop her methodological expertise and to improve her use of ICT in the classroom. Her personal target is developing interactive exercises for autonomous learning. Mag. Dr. Katharina Weseslindtner teaches English and religious philosophy at our school. She has repeatedly organized language study travels for our pupils. Always considering the best interest of her pupils, she wants to enhance her methodological expertise as an English teacher and as an initiator of learning competences, collaborating in intercommunication with other teachers. She wants to improve her knowledge of creative use of ICT in the classroom. Mag. Thomas Maltrovsky teaches computer science, psychology, philosophy and Latin at the Akademische Gymnasium Vienna. Being an E-Learning developer and coordinator of the the program “Schulqualität Allgemeinbildung" furthering quality in general education, he is keen both to face the challenge of improving his interdisciplinary way of teaching languages in an English speaking country and developing a school policy adding an international aspect to school projects building interest by our pupils in other cultures and countries. With regard to the best interest of his pupils, he is eager to learn inspiring methods of using new media in the classroom. Activities, results, sustainability The participating teachers of our school will employ the skills they will acquire in various ways: They will utilise their enhanced methodological expertise in the foreign language classroom and / or when working with new media. This way, they will increase the variety of methods and strengthen the language skills of their pupils. Sustainability will be reached by sharing their ideas with their colleagues. Dissemination activities will be: - didactical and pedagogical conferences and meetings, - team teaching, - sitting in on classes, - sharing best practices.
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