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Free Media and Struggle Against Organized Crime
Start date: Mar 1, 2011,

The project called "Free media and struggle against Organized crime" will be realized in Vranje in Southern Serbia in order to contribute to strengthen the impact of civil society in the struggle against organized crime in Europe as well as to promote the concept of legality and free media.The project will organize a six-day Training Course (TC) for trainers in Youth work about the struggle against organized crime. The TC will include participants from SEE and EU to work on media and campaigning as a tool for combating organized crime and promoting legality. They will have the opportunity to work together and gain new skills through open discussions, theoretical inputs, group work, practical exercises and actions. Through their experience in their own country, Youth will share information and new ideas on how to struggle efficiently against organized crime and raise people's awareness on this topic.Youth will work on three main topics: LEGALITY, human rights and justice; TRANSNATIONAL ORGANIZED CRIME (from corruption to human trafficking) and the means to struggle against it; FREE MEDIA and methods of campaigning and advocacy. The training course will include: training, human rights monitoring, lectures done by experts (such as journalists, magistrates, lawyers), and trial simulations. The TC will end by small actions based on media and means of information.

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