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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Consortium promoter of this proposal, coordinated by the Provincial Development Board of the Council of Cuenca, and shaped by 16 VET organisations, both public and private bodies, presents the project “FRAY LUIS DE LEÓN II” thanks to the extensive experience in mobility projects. “FRAY LUIS DE LEÓN II” intends to continue with the training and work activities that have brought many benefits to the youth of the province through projects developed mobility (especially linked to its predecessor, “FRAY LUIS DE LEÓN”, on execution), thanks to which these young people have gained valuable work experience, combined with the cultural and linguistic experience. All of this will increase the chances of finding a job and raise their levels of employability, which is the main objective of this project. The group objective of “FRAY LUIS DE LEÓN II” consists of a total of 25 young between 18 and 35 years old, in possession of a VET certificate, obtained in any of the institutions that make up the Consortium. Las familias profesionales a los que se dirige el proyecto son: The professional areas which the project addresses are: - Agrarian - Administration and management. - Trade and marketing. - Electricity and electronics. - Hospitality and tourism. - Information technology and communications. - Installation and maintenance. - Personal image. - Sound and vision. - Wood, furniture and cork. - Health. - Sociocultural and community services. - Transport and vehicle maintenance. Needs and problems of young students and/or graduates from Cuenca in these sectors are broadly: - A high rate of youth unemployment. - Little or no work experience. - Limited knowledge and use of a second language. - Low level of self-employment in the province of Cuenca. - A high concentration of the population in rural areas. - Very limited labour supply in the province due to lack of a solid business network. - Academic offer very limited. - Loss of human capital for young graduates who have to emigrate to work in jobs related to their training. - Lack of knowledge and use of ICT. - Little awareness of European citizenship and the workforce to compete in a global market. Based on the socio-economic context, to identified needs, professional sectors and the overall project objective, we have established the following specific objectives: - Achieve a specialization of the participants based on their training and through a quality work experience abroad directly linked to their academic profiles. - Foster the transition of participants to labour market. - Improving their language skills. - Answer the labour demand of the sectors served. - Promote entrepreneurs' initiative and self-employment, especially linked to the New Sources of Employment. - Create synergies between public and private actors in the province for the promotion of youth employment and education. - Promoting equal opportunities for young people in rural and urban areas and between men and women. - Knowledge and use of ICT. - Offer labour guidance to participants before and after their stay abroad. - Convert to the participants in ambassadors of the province of Cuenca in their destination cities. The relevance of the project is enhanced by the fact that it operates on a rural, depressed territory with scarce resources, providing greater opportunities for participants to complete their qualifications and find employment. “FRAY LUIS DE LEÓN II” provides 25 selected participants according to a public and transparent organization with stays for completing professional training in European companies for 3 months in Padova (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal), Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Prague (Czech Republic). In each of these cities, the Consortium has the support of a set of intermediaries and host companies that consolidate the quality of the project partners. At a cultural and social level, apprenticeships offer young people of Cuenca the opportunity to live an enriching experience that will take place in a cultural context characterized by diversity, with new forms of work and resolving conflicts, which contribute to having a broader vision and social skills increasingly valued by companies. In short, “FRAY LUIS DE LEÓN II” is the result of the commitment of the Consortium and its partners in continuing the promotion of training and employment for local young people. Therefore, implementing this project is designed to meet the stated objectives and achieve positive results, both locally and for project participants who may complete their training routes, gain work experience and improve the learning of a second language.

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