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Fourth European Quality Assurance Forum

The European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF), co-organised by EUA, ENQA, EURASHE and ESIB, is a European conference on quality assurance in higher education that brings together the main stakeholders in the field – universities and other higher education institutions, quality assurance agencies and students. It provides a unique platform for the higher education and QA communities to follow, to design and to anticipate the developments in the area. The main objective of EQAF is to bring together the different protagonists of the European quality assurance community on an annual basis for discussion and exchange on current issues in quality assurance in European higher education. More specifically, the EQAF 2009, which will be held in November 2009, will examine the latest evolutions in quality assurance in terms of innovation, and tackle the newest trends in QA. It will also address the challenges and trends of higher education beyond 2010, and examine the decisive role of quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area. In the long run, the EQAF will foster a dialogue on quality assurance that bridges national boundaries and leads to a truly European discussion on quality assurance in higher education. Furthermore, it will create a common European understanding of quality assurance through direct communication among different stakeholder groups and across geographical backgrounds. During the two days of conference, the exchanges (in English as common working language) will be conducted through a mix of plenary sessions and small workshops and discussion groups. Contributions for the EQAF will be sought through an open call for papers from all stakeholders involved – ensuring thus the diversity and the complementary of topics and approaches. The QAF 2009 will also build its visibility, its credibility and its capacity to draw a large participation on the success of the three previous Fora. The results of the Forum will be publicised in a publication that collects the best keynote speeches and paper contributions. The dissemination of the outputs will be assured by all partners of the project; they will broadly disseminate the results to all their members and refer to them in all appropriate events related to quality in higher education.
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