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Foundations of XML - Safe Processing of Dynamic Data over the Internet (FOX)
Start date: May 1, 2009, End date: Sep 30, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The web has brought fundamentally new challenges to datamanagement. The key features that distinguish web data fromtraditional database applications are its structure - usuallydescribed by mark-up languages, such as XML - and its dynamicnature. The FOX research programme will study these challenges indetail and investigate ways to master them. To this end, FOX aims at aparadigm shift in the modelling of internet data. It will providefoundations of dynamic and data-oriented features of the Web, and comeup with new efficient algorithms for organising, transforming, andquerying Web content. Some of the prospective insights are expected tohave a significant impact on the next generation of XML and Webstandards.To achieve these general goals, FOX will work on a number of specifictasks. It will identify and investigate the infrastructure needed fordocument, schema, and constraint management for XML data with specialemphasis on the handling of data and its constraints. Furthermore, thecorresponding reasoning tasks will be studied. It will develop newtechniques and algorithms for schema mapping, Web data exchange andfor improving query evaluation by making use of schemainformation. These investigations will take into account thatdocuments and schemas change over time and are distributed acrossmultiple sites. A special focus will be on automated decision-makingand on safety aspects, including verification of data-driven webservices and run-time analysis. New techniques and algorithms forhandling missing data and metadata in XML documents will be developedbased on uncertainty management, on the one hand, and automaticrecovery, on the other hand. Finally, FOX will develop a softwarelibrary with prototypical implementations.

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