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Start date: 15 Oct 2012,

The wider objective of the Project is to develop an inclusive concept at the university level: by developing a new master study program, sensitizing university staff for the full affirmation of the inclusive paradigm in higher education and the entire educational system for both, the core team focused on the work under the new program and wider, from the other study programs of UoM.Specific objectives include:* Defining the concept, curriculum and appropriate syllabuses for master study of inclusive education;* Introduction of inclusive education as the new subject and/or topics/elements in the curricula of other study programs at the Faculty of Philosophy;* Creation of adequate resources necessary for the development of inclusive education as a special master study (development of textbooks and manuals);* The development of professional capacities necessary for the development of master study program (university professors sensitized to recognize and respect diversity and promote inclusive principles through teaching process and developing teachers' professional competencies in the field of inclusive education; accreditation of master study program);* Enrollment of students and implementation of master study program curriculum .Expected outcomes:* Defined concept and curriculum of master study, performed harmonization with the European perspective of inclusive education (especially with partners);* New subjects and/or themes/elements in the field of inclusive education have been introduced to other study programs;* Developed textbooks and manuals;* Implemented training for teachers of UoM and performed change in the curriculum; the accreditation process for master studies completed;* First students enrolled (20), school curriculum implemented, teaching staff able to perform appropriate subject program goals.
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