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Fostering Roma Inclusion for Roma Youth Trafficking Prevention in Europe
Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

The project for a training course aims at training 30 Roma and non-Roma youth leaders and multiplers on forstering Roma inclusion for Roma youth trafficking prevention in Europe. The objectives of our course are: to develop a sense of common European responsibility for the Roma inclusion in Europe; to address the root causes of trafficking in Roma: Roma exclusion, based on poverty, unemployment and lack of education and access to resources and the factors facilitating Roma women's vulnerability to trafficking: féminisation of poverty, gender discrimination, lack of educational and professional opportunities; to promote Roma youth access to education, employment and to resources, rights, goods and services in order to prevent exclusion of Roma youth in Europe; to mobilise European youth involvement in implementing innovative strategies in youth work to promote Human Rights, Participation and Equality for Roma inclusion; to train youth multipliers to develop youth work measures to help the most vulnerable and those experiencing particular integration problems; to train youth multipliers, working with Roma youth to foster Roma inclusion as a mean to stop trafficking of Romani women and youth; to create a European Pool of Roma Youth Trainers (EPRYT) to raise awareness and educate for trafficking prevention and protection in the Roma communities in Europe; to promote an asset-based Roma community action for trafficking prevention and protection of vulnerable children and young women, mapping and mobilizing of all Roma community assets. Particpants and trainers will come from Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Netherlands, UK, France, Poland, Latvia, Tukey and Portugal. The course will be organized in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, where biggest Roma ghetto in Europe, Stolipinovo is located.This way particpants will take the opportunity to do some filed work with the youth of the Ghetto and meet local Roma youth activists, groups and organizations.

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