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Fostering ICT Usages in pedagogical Practices
Start date: Nov 1, 2008,

FICTUP continues the work carried out in the frame of the French project Auperel -sustained by the French Ministry of Education and Research - by associating Europeanpartners. Auperel - Analysis of the pedagogical uses of the on-line resources - hasshown that, among the teachers who do not use frequently ICT with their pupils, animportant majority of them would like to use ICT with their classroom but feel that theyhave not the necessary skills. This project has strongly emphasised the needs of theseteachers to have concrete examples of practice to provide them with some ideas ofscenarios with support, at least at the beginning, from expert teachers.The objective of the FICTUP project is thus to create innovative training materialsdescribing concrete pedagogical activities including ICT usage, associated to a closetutoring process, and to test the impact of these (material and human) supports onnovice teachers in ICT.The innovative training materials will be firstly composed of one case study for eachactivity describing it in detailed: thematic, objectives, pupils outputs, materials used(software, working sheets to be filled by pupils, etc.), the different pedagogical steps, foreach of them the role of the teacher and the pupils’ tasks, etc. Besides, each case studywill be associated with around three pedagogical short videos (2-3 minutes) which willdescribe transversal ICT skills brought to play in the pedagogical activity. This trainingmaterial will be developed collaboratively by expert teachers and novice ones to ensureits accessibility.During this project, the material and tutoring process will be tested in real conditions bya novice teacher. All this phase will be observed (with filming), analysed and evaluatedby researchers. The final objective will be to use the experience of this project to adaptand improve the experimented training methodology (organisation of the tutoring, termsof reference for the pedagogical material, etc.) and to propose it for further exploitationby educational institutions.

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