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Fostering continuous research and technology application (FORT)
Start date: Apr 30, 2011, End date: Oct 30, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Innovation is a results-oriented concept with science and technology as the key to the complex innovation processes embracing many related actors such as technology transfer centres, venture capital, entrepreneurs, etc. Innovation systems are focusing more on relationships and processes between innovation actors in achieving the presence of key factors such high level of research capability, enough high-qualified manpower, adequate infrastructure, retention of enough funds, diffusion of science and technology, innovation culture, inducement of multinational companies or research institutes, favouring conditions for start-ups. Especially in today’s competitive world it is crucial to encourage companies not to only use their internal ideas but also explore what is happening in the field of innovation around them in order to advance their technology processes. And this is a main idea behind so called open innovation, as companies can’t afford to lag behind and rely only on internal research, and on the other they can also further profit from distributing their own inventions to the outside world.FORT will explore existing and develop further instruments and capabilities for supporting open innovation, which foresees a permeation of Small and Medium Enterprise’s (SME) internal environment into external environment including public Research & Development (R&D) capacities, transnational networks and clusters, thus contributing to overcoming current economic crisis and establishing knowledge-based economy. Achievements: Since its beginning,FORT partners have carried out various activities in order to promote innovation culture and to bring innovative actors closer to each other.Project partners have implemented their Regional plans of implementation actions,which differ among regions due to consideration of regional characteristics. Interactive applications,handbooks,recommendations,events and additional interesting actions have been implemented in the current period.Highly skilled technology transfer and cluster managers are key actors in the commercialization of R&D results. Based on their needs and considering internationally accepted frameworks and standards,FORT partners have organized Trainings for technology transfer and cluster managers in order to raise the capabilities of technology transfer and cluster managers and ultimately leading to more effective technology transfer and cluster processes.Several events have been organized with the aim of disseminating innovation culture and providingsupport for innovation actors.Innovation System Forums were held on a variety of relevant topics(e.g.Big data-a chance for big business?)to bridge gaps between groups of stakeholders and disseminate knowledge.The second round of Innovation Open House Events were organized featuring a competition for small and medium enterprises and public research organizations,who pitched their innovative business ideas in front of an international jury for the main prize of Innovation voucher worth 5000 euros.The vouchers were used to purchase a service from R&D provider in another partner region or elsewhere in Central Europe.The first vouchers are fully implemented and the implementation of second vouchers is in progress:e.g.organising customized training and study visit or testing medical applications,preparing business plan,marketing strategy. During these events,participants were encouraged to join Transnational Network and Platform of innovative actors and make their innovative ideas available on Innovation Marketplace,continuously updated on the project website( supports knowledge exchange in Central Europe. Based on the experience gained during the project,FORT partners have prepared their Pilot Action Plans in order to form new innovation services,ranging from a who-is-who catalogue of technology transfer actors and IP policy handbook to thematic workshops to improve entrepreneur skills or networking events to bring researchers and companies together.The implementation of the Pilot actions is in progress and best practices will be gathered in a catalogue and disseminated all over Central Europe.The project website was updated to make project activities visible and results available to the public.Additionally,extensive promotion activities have been carried out,including numerous media appearances and dissemination activities. Project partners also participated in numerous regional and international events to promote the aims and results of FORT.
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