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Fostering Business Development in Border Areas through Cooperation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Regional Development Agencies (CROSS-BORDER BUSINESS)

This operation seeks to improve the dynamics of cross-border business between border regions of Latvia (Vidzeme, Latgale), Estonia (Voru) and Russia (Pskov). Among the key issues that impede scaling up of economic cooperation of these regions are lack of knowledge of key aspects such as legislation and requirements for doing business in the neighbouring country, lack of partners and contacts, loose network of business support institutions (chambers of commerce and industry, information centres, regional development agencies), as well as little political recognition of and involment in tackling the different obstacles and challanges that entrepreneurs willing to do business across the border have to face. To adress the aforementioned issues, this project will use the following interventions: WP2 'Networking and Capacity Building for Business Support Institutions' will involve study visits and training seminars, elaboration and publication of information brochures. WP2 will also have a special focus on strengthening business support activities in Russia through establishment of a Business Information Centre in Pskov and creation of a website specifically advising Russian entrepreneurs on how to start a business in EU. As a part of WP3 'Networking and Capacity Building for Business Community', trade missions will be organised in Pskov, Valmiera and Voru. Seminars to business community on how to do business abroad will be organised in each region. Finally, WP4 'Awareness Raising of Politicians on Cross-Border Business' is built around visit of Russian local and national politicians to Latvia and Estonia and vice versa. In addition to strengthening contacts and network to enable better cross-border business promotion, this operation will also facilitate easier development of joint future projects that would be proposed for SF funding in the next programming period. Project partnership consists of Vidzeme Development Agency, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Latgale Region Development Agency, Madona Business Innovation and Information Centre, Valmiera City Council, Voru County Development Agency, Pskov Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Administration of Pskov Oblastj.

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  • 2000 - 2006 Estonia - Latvia - Russia (EE-LV-RU)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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