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Fostering Autonomy and Accountability: Development of State-of-the-art HE Management System for Efficient Changes in Line with Bologna Principles
Start date: Dec 1, 2013,

GOVERN (FOSTERING AUTONOMY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: DEVELOPMENT OF STATE-OF-THE-ART HE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR EFFICIENT CHANGES IN LINE WITH BOLOGNA PRINCIPLES) is a three-year national project, under the priority of Governance Reform, EACEA N° 35/2012, 6th call and Structural Measures action. The wider objective is to enable application of the state-of-the-art management system at Armenian HEIs for promoting effective and efficient structural changes in line with Bologna agenda thus enhancing HEIs autonomy and accountability.The specific objectives target enhancement of autonomy and accountability of HEIs through: - building on the capacity of administrative staff for managing system changes efficiently- revising the legal (system level) and regulatory (HEI level) frameworks in line with Bologna action lines; - establishing the state-of-the-art university management system through overhaul of approaches to system changes: strategic, financial and human resource management - introducing working approaches to student-centered educational provisions: ECTS and academic programme management to assure quality and promote student mobility.The principle outcomes/outputs include:- Building on capacity of top and middle level administration to enable Bologna action lines implementation; - New legal (system-wide) and regulatory (HEIs) frameworks in line with Bologna lines; - State-of-the-art management system based on new approaches to strategic and structural management, budget allocation, human resource management; - Indicators and criteria for academic programme and student mobility operationalization; - New approaches to managing academic programmes and office of academic affairs and registrar (installation of student portal and student affairs information management system). The HEIs are from a single CIS country – Armenia. It will allow deeper understanding of the needs of developing systems and customization to specific country and institutions priorities.

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