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Forward for French
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We want to improve our teaching and learning of languages and ensure that we are able to maintain some form of Urdu, despite no longer offering GCSE, by retaining a member of staff who can teach this language. We want to offer all of our MFL staff high-quality CPD so that they are all able to teach to a high standard and have sufficient knowledge of language and current culture to create interesting lessons to enthuse and motivate our learners, increase the European dimension in our teaching and improve our resourcing.We want to focus on upskilling one particular member of staff.We want to ensure that all of our pupils enjoy language learning through new and innovative teaching strategies that we can integrate into our own teaching.We want to increase our international links, giving our pupils a more real experience of language learning. We want to bring the life and culture of a French school into our own teaching, assimilating ideas from them, sharing our own ideas and communicating and working jointly with them and building professional networks to share ideas and resources.We want to improve our provision of languages in various ways, for example by integrating more ICT use into language teaching and making further links between literacy and languages. We want to improve the learning experience of certain targeted groups of children, for example SEN, EAL and G and T, increasing the use of spontaneous target language in class, create a positive attitude towards language learning and encourage enjoyment, providing extra enrichment activities such as cultural events. We would like undertake a two-year project involving one member of staff in a series of four progressive immersion courses in France.The skills and ideas gained by the participating member of staff over these four courses will mean that she will offer high quality French teaching. She will create plans and resources which will be shared with the rest of our staff. She will have much greater job security and her future career prospects will be greatly enhanced as she will have more flexible skills to offer. She will be equipped to be able to perform her current job to a high standard. There will be a great impact on her language ability and confidence, ability to use language spontaneously in the classroom, cultural knowledge, understanding of new and innovative language teaching methodologies and understanding of day-to-day life in France and particularly within the school system.Changes made will all add to our pupils’ enjoyment of their learning and make them more likely to want to continue language learning for longer, contributing to an increase in uptake of languages at GCSE and beyond. This will also benefit our children who have EAL. We will develop stronger links with other schools in our local area and the establishment of new links with colleagues from around the UK (from the course we will attend) and with French colleagues and establish future exchange visit to France for students.There will be more opportunities within our school. We will have more extracurricular provision, including language clubs that will be open to parents as well as children. We will also take part in more celebration events as a result of this project which will impact on our children’s enjoyment and engagement with language learning. There will also be an impact on other schools we work with through dissemination of outcomes. We also intend to have a great impact on the French school we will work with, making their pupils’ learning more enjoyable and raising attainment and intercultural understanding.
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