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Forum theatre - a Learning Instrument for Education
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is implemented through the collaboration of six partner schools from Romania (coordinator), Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Italy. The target group consists of 30 professors and 36 students. The aim is to implement an innovative non-formal methods, namely the Forum Theatre in the teaching/learning to make teaching more attractive and motivating students to develop the key skills necessary for personal and professional development for an easier transition from school to work . To reach this objective a research is done by applying a questionnaire on a number of 200 subjects, students from partner schools and conducted a survey to know the students' interests. The results are disseminated in a seminar entitled " The interests of teenagers and career success a comparative analysis " with guest teachers, parents, academics. Five teachers from partner schools participate in three training courses: " Introduction in specific forum theater" (Romania), "Using non -formal methods in the teaching / learning in a European context " (Bulgaria) , "ICT and virtual futures forum theater communication" (Romania). Students are initiated into this method and prepare two theater forum on topics relevant to the initial study under the guidance of teachers trained in the project. Productions are presented in a contest mini festival " With mask, without mask" and posted on the eTwinning and Facebook to track the impact of a larger number of beneficiaries. To develop communication skills in foreign languages, ICT and multiculturals, the teachers form mixed teams with pupils from partner countries. Each team performs a play presented in a mini - festival competition " We dream the same dream" with the participation of students. The plays are posted on Facebook and TwinSpace . After the second course about the use of forum theater method in teaching, teachers apply it in the classroom to various disciplines, in different moments of the lesson, in a multi disciplinary perspective. This experience is reflected in articles and papers presented at a meeting of the Teachers ' Forum Theatre, a non -formal teaching method: achievements and challenges " that is the basis for a methodological guide. Theater Forum method interests teachers to know their students better, to improve communication and emotional problems faced by some students, to develop students' communication skills in mother tongue and in foreign languages and social skills, ethical, multicultural and use of ICT. The printed edition of the methodological guide is presented in a final conference entitled " Theater forum non -formal teaching method in the European context " involving teachers, academics, parents and students. Teachers and students receive certificates of competence in Forum Theatre method. This is disseminated throughout the project according to plan and seeks its impact on the school, community and decision makers. Sustainability of the project is ensured by raising awareness of decision makers to recommend Forum Theatre method. Schools participating in the project will present in a ceremony ( school days) a forum theater play. The Facebook page of the project and TwinSpace still remain active , ensuring in this way the sustainability of the project. It is proposed a forum theatre course in the schools and a training course to providers offer accredited teacher courses. Also, is assigned a teacher to design an impact study on the extent of use of the method in various disciplines and attractive method among students. The result of the research, the impact study, is the starting point for the articles presented at various meetings of teachers, national congresses and symposium.
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