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ForProve theatre
Start date: Oct 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

According to the European Commission, in the second quarter of 2014 over 5 million young people (under 25) were unemployed in the EU-28. This represents an unemployment rate of 21.7% (23.2% in the euro area), which is more than twice as high as the adult unemployment rate (9.0%). Unemployment among youths has been a top priority for EU countries. One of the reasons for the unemployment is the lack of entrepreneurial spirit and skills amongst young people. The elaborated innovative method under the current project idea will create and develop in youth people transversal skills that are crucial in dealing with unemployment and lack of working skills. Willing to reduce and smooth this problem and contribute to the reduction of the unemployment the Partnership plans to create completely new and innovative method called ForProve theatre. It will be based on the combination of two kinds of theatrical models: Improv Theater and Forum theatre. The ForProve theatre method is addressed to the business world: support young people in gaining transversal skills that will help them find a job and improve and sharpen their work skills. The main aim of the project is to equip young people with entrepreneurship skills by innovative method ForProve theatre. For the achievement of this aim the partnership plans to accomplish the following objectives: • To use the attractiveness of the theatre art for creating and strengthening the skills of youth people which they needed in order to be successful in the business world • To combine the strengths and good practices used in Forum theatre and Improv theatre techniques reducing and mitigating their weaknesses • To produce innovative non-formal educational method called ForProve theatre, as a method for stimulation of the entrepreneurship, leadership and transversal skills • To equip youth workers with tools for implementation of the ForProve theatre method • To raise the awareness regarding the newly developed innovative ForProve theatre method and in this way to foster the entrepreneurial and leadership spirit of young people. For the fulfillment of these objectives the partnership is planning to undertake the following activities: -Mapping the strengths and weaknesses of the Forum theatre method and Improv theatre technique in order to have a firm base for development of new methods - Developing of completely new and innovative method for entrepreneurship stimulation called ForProve theatre, avoiding the weaknesses of the methods mentioned above and combining their strengths -Elaborating a Guide on ForProve theatre method in electronic format and on paper to be used for entrepreneurship stimulation by the youth workers in their work with young people -Elaboration of a Visual Guide on ForProve theatre, representing the new method in action - Training of youth workers of 6 EU countries how to implement the ForProve theatre method and the products created - Raising the awareness of the stakeholders and society regarding the new method ForProve by organising national multiplier event in each partner country The direct target group is youth workers who work with youth at the treshold of work, newly employed and NEETS. The indirect target group: people between 16 and 30 years who are umemployed; are actively seeking employment; have been recently employed; new and soon to be graduates. At least 144 youth workers will be involved in the project activities and as a result will be aware of the new ForProve theatre method and the Project results. 24 of them (4 youth workers per county) will be trained during an international learning event in Bulgaria and will conduct the testing of the Guide on ForProve theatre. Other 120 youth workers and other stakeholders will be involved in the national multiplier events (at least 20 people in 6 EU countries). By equipping youth workers from 6 EU countries (Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Poland, Croatia and Lituania) with new methods and tools for entrepreneurship stimulation, the project will have positive impact on the young people in this countries. The youth entrepreneurship stimulation will lead to the reduction of the youth unemployment in a long-term. As all the products will have also an English language version the new ForProve theatre method could be used in other countries as well. The attractiveness and efficiency of the method will help to ensure the sustainability of the project results.
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