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Formation linguistique et didactique en anglais
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Jean Galia school is an etablishment classified in « «REP + », because of its localisation in a "problem" area where people present lots of social difficulties. Cultural and ethnic diversity is important, that's why lots of pupils talk two languages, but possess low level in french language and a poor lexicon. In front of those difficulties, Jean Galia school 's teachers decide to make english teaching one of their priorities, in order to: improve French language level by comparing two languages, help pupils to improve their level in english, language used all over the world to communicate, create a real european identity for these children living in France but presenting different origins. Lots of meeting had been set up, but Jean Galia's school had to deal with the lack of formation in teaching a foreign language: some teachers don't own habilitation grade, other have never followed english pedagogical formation, and have little understnding of some important supports to teach english, like E-Twinning. A cycle3's teacher and the CLIS teacher (special needs education class which work with all school 's classes) volunteer to follow a formation stage in Dublin and become specialized in this teaching. Purpose is to try innovant ways to teach english, to use European Union documents and tools like E Twinning and to improve teacher's language level and finally create in the school a real european appartenance consciousness. Goal for each pupil is to obtain Level A1 (CECRL) to the end of primary school,and building a real european culture thanks to a better knowledge of its different cultures, and to relaunch motivation for this schoolteaching and others. This projet’s profits will be shared with Inspection, educational advisers and teachers from Jean Galia’s school and also other’s schools, during meetings like educational activities.

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