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Formándonos para los nuevos retos de innovación y bilingüismo
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is a new and modern center. It was inaugurated in the academic year 2008 – 2009 and it has completed all the stages the present year. Our educational project combines the education in principles with that in educational innovation to prepare our students both for their personal and professional lives. Due to this reason, from its opening it has been immersed in two pioneering projects and it is overcoming stages of both year after year. On the one hand, in a project of Bilingualism (in one more year it will be completed in Primary and it will continue in Secondary) which implies teaching subjects such as science in English, increasing the number of hours of the before mentioned language and giving a special importance to learning a second foreign language (French); on the other hand, we are also immersed in a project of methodological innovation "Competition 43.19", whose target is to stimulate, to generate, to support and to accompany initiatives that develop an innovative attitude in the classrooms. Therefore, we have centered our project on languages and innovation, which simultaneously are those who present the biggest needs and challenges for teachers. Our teaching staff is young and enterprising, which does that their motivation for learning and improving is enormous but need for formation is detected in above mentioned fields.The main aims of this project can be summed up principally in the following points: - To improve the linguistic competition of the teachers and to increase the number of teachers prepared to teach a greater number of subjects.- To improve the quality of the education in all the stages.- To face successfully the implantation of bilingual subjects in Secondary (CLIL).- To bring Europe over to pupils and teachers across exchanges of good practices and future projects with other centers.The nine mobilities will be done by teachers of different stages (Pre-school, Primary, Secondary) chosen according to the need for their formation considered by the Head Teacher, depending on the subjects that they teach and through a points system filled in by a Selection Committee.The activities carried out in this project are, principally, training courses in the areas in which a major need grade has been detected, and job shadowing. The courses will be of two types: general English and creative teaching of foreign languages (English and French) as well as CLIL methodology. These mobilities will take place throughout two years and we hope that the acquired knowledge should serve to improve the quality of the classes not only of the direct participants but of many other teachers of the center. It is also expected that the confidence of the above mentioned teachers in the use of English and French will increase which will imply an improvement of the quality of their teaching. In addition to this, the introduction of innovative methodologies in the classroom will help to raise the motivation of our students and their interest in the European culture. The formative activities (courses, learning about different places in previous meetings, observation of good practices), will be combined with free time activities (touristic visits, sports, cultural activities, etc.), being the latter ones also very interesting. We will make sure that the selected courses have a complete program that favors the entire immersion of our participants. Also, before and after the mobility, we will work with a methodology centered on projects, creativity and with a view to CLIL learning, doing activities that integrate the learning of English with that of other subjects.It is expected and desired that the impact of this project gets to the maximum number of students since the participants will tell their experiences to all the teachers; nevertheless, the spreading will not only cover the school itself, but the whole community, that is why we have planned activities (e.g. articles in the school magazine, press notices, etc.) to let everyone know about the experience and the knowledge acquired thanks to Erasmus +.We also hope to get positive results in the long term such as the increase of the number of teachers willing to integrate their classes in Europe through e-twinning projects, to have formation experiences in other countries and to even create future KA2 projects. Likewise, thanks to the previous points, we hope that in the long term the results of our students in external tests of different subjects should improve.To our school, this project means a key step forward in its ambition for opening its classrooms to Europe and to creative methodologies. We want to educate our students to be tolerant towards other cultures as well as motivate them to learn without barriers so that they get to be European citizens ready to get adapted to any multicultural situation and to defend values of integration and respect.
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