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Formacom Plus - nascholingsproject leerkrachten Frans SO
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project background In 2001 the Formacom project was initiated in Flanders, its main aim being the continuous professional development (CPD) of French language teachers and the training of competent CPD trainers. In the meantime 4 Formacom projects, with a duration of three years each, have been completed. The assessment of the CPD sessions by these trainers, the reports of the inspectorate, the remarks of the pedagogic counsellors of the different educational networks and the evaluation of the seminars of the BVL, as well as the feedback of teachers and school leaders highlight a few urgent needs: - Continuous professional development of French language teachers on the mid and long term (one shot operations generate little impact); - Improvement of the fluency level of young French language teachers and upgrading of their knowledge and mastering of the francophone culture; - Innovation of educational practices and use of ICT; - Creation, expansion and structuring of an expertise network of French language teachers; - Sharing and dissemination of good practices In response to these needs, the Formacom Plus-project was set up by: the non-profit organisation BVLF , the department for education and training of the Flemish community, the cultural service of the French Embassy, the educational networks (OVSG, GO!, POV and VSKO) and the Flemish universities with a teacher training program (KUL, UG,UA, VUB). Objectives The CPD project Formacom Plus aims to enhance the quality of the French language teaching in Flanders and to strengthen the European and intercultural dimension of it. It functions as a role model and it has a generic value that can be copied by other European countries. The pedagogic operational objectives are organised in three modules: Module 1: the upgrading of the initial pedagogic and didactic training and the deepening of the didactics of French (MFL) Module 2: support of the work of the French language teachers department and stimulation of networking in order to exchange expertise. Module 3: language and cultural immersion, contemporary French literature, socio-cultural dimension of the francophonie, music, films and the arts, implementing the intercultural dimension. For a list of the objectives see point E. Number of Participants and their profile Per program, up to eleven French language teachers (MFL) teaching in the 3 levels of secondary school (aso, tso, bso, ko) of the 4 educational networks. Description of the activities The project covers 3 years and starts with 4 preparation days. After a traineeship of 2 weeks in Vichy, France (activity 1), 7 follow up days are organised in Flanders. The financial means needed for the participation to this traineeship are the reasons for the introduction of this application. For a detailed program please see item G3 and H. Methodology The methodology is based on four characteristics: accountability, experiential learning, reflection and consultation. The participants are actively involved in the analysis of their training needs and the determination of the themes that are to be covered. By applying experience based didactic methods, the participants will reflect together on didactic principles: e.g. simulations of classroom situations, followed by reflection; the use of certain tools and objectives to prepare and discuss (a series of) lessons; presenting activities that have been tested. Each module has to lead to actual suggestions for lessons, that will be put into practice by the participating teachers and that will serve as a base for further reflection. From this, the participants will develop new ideas for lessons and didactic methods. The participants will also be requested, outside of the sessions, to reflect on their own experience in education. After which they will give short presentations to introduce the results to the group. Expected results and short and mid-term impact The insights, knowledge and knowhow that are acquired by the participants during the traineeship abroad, will be further deepened during the follow up days. During these sessions, the focus is on the actual implementation in the classroom of the training acquired during the traineeship. The projects aims to create opportunities for the participants to grow in their profession, to feel more secure in their role as a teacher, to become more aware of the intercultural aspects of the francophonie and to make more efficient use of innovative didactics and ICT. This will allow them to become persons of reference within their department. With the promised support of the school leadership, they will share their newly acquired expertise with their peer French language teachers, and if possible also with the French language teachers of other schools (networking). This allows them to give an innovative impulse to the French language teaching , to heighten students’ motivation as well as the efficiency of the learning process.
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