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Formación Profesional Inicial en la Construcción - Módulo de Formación en Centros de Trabajo Europeo 2016
Start date: Dec 31, 2016, End date: Dec 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project falls within the framework of the annual announcement of the mobility formation in FLC. It offers its students vocational training in Building & Civil Engineering professional family, taught at the center, in order to complete part of their training subject FCT in European companies. It provides additional professional knowledge and encourages the development of their language and intercultural skills.The participants are 14 trainees of Building and Civil Works. The studies lasts 2000 hours. It spread over two academic years. Its contents are divided into subjets, one of them lasts 380 hours and it is developed in the Workplace Training (FCT ). The trainees will acquire knowledge that will facilitate their future employability. The trainees are young people who need to start working soon. This experience can be an advantage in order to find a work. It is also their first opportunity to travel abroad. They have low language skills .To ensure optimal monitoring, evaluation and validation of training in the FCT, it is necessary that each group of students will be accompanied by a teacher or tutor under the project.Seven trainees will travel to Germany in March/April 2016 and other seven trainees will travel to France in March / April 2016. All of them will be acompanied by a tutor.The methodology used to carry out the project is as follows:1. Advertising process. Participants selection and publication of results.2. Travel arrangements, accommodation, meals and travel insurance for participants and tutor.3. Implementation of the European CV and Language passport. Getting the EHIC .4. FLC will sign a contract with the intermediary partner.5. FLC will look for host companies advised by the project intermediary partners. Ther will bw sign a contract between FLC and the host partner.6 FLC will establish a learning agreement directly with the final host companies. The learning agreement will include terminal capabilities contemplated in the studies. It also will be signed by the trainee.7. FLC will guide participants in the preparation of their trip. FLC will manage travel expenses on behalf of the trainees.8. FLC will provide linguistic , cultural and pedagogical training. It will last 40 hours. It will start at least one month before the mobility begining. It will be held outside school schedule and all the trainees will obtain the relevant certificate.9. To complete their training, students will receive a 20 hours safety and prevention course of specific occupational hazards of their craft. It will be certified by FLC.10. FLC ensure continuous tutorial action and monitoring the FCT in the final host companies11. FLC will ensure that the skills and competences acquired are recognized in the Europass -Mobility Document12. Dissemination of resultsProject results are innovative and transferable to policies of vocational training in the construction sector. The transnational mobility experience is hardly exploited in the Principado de Asturias in vocational training. The trainees will acquire and develop international professional skills. It is essential at a time of economic crisis, thus facilitating the employment of members within the European framework, not having to be limited to its geographical setting. The possible benefits expected for the participants development are listed below:• Expanding knowledge of specific trade and new working techniques. • Adapting to different companies structure• Development of language and communication skills. • Raising awareness of job opportunities in Europe and professional development. • More self confidence. •Business and Personal Relationships • Outlook positive impact on career opportunities. Based on the above, I believe that students participating in mobility are more likely to get a job in the future and they will be more versatile to be integrated into companies in Europe.
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