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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Rambla de Nogalte Secondary-Vocational-High School is the only one in Puerto Lumbreras, a town with about 12000 inhabitants, far away from big cities, with mainly rural employment, with small-medium companies, important rate of immigrants’ students, lack of tradition in travelling or learning other languages, big difficulties in finding work, and with wide profile of pupils. This variety implies a constant, hard work from teachers and from the management team. The daily challenge is to teach every day with more quality and more innovation, so we decided two years ago to improve our practice by starting in the short and medium term a bilingual program both at secondary and a vocational level.These goals require an international training, this is the reason of this application for an Erasmus+ KA1 project to continue the one we got in the 2015 call (2015-1-ES01-KA101-013808, with 3 training’s mobility) and which allowed us to start teaching Science in English to 3 groups (pupils 12 years old) in this academic year 2015-2016.In the short term we would like to stabilize and improve the bilingual offer in the school. For that we have selected 5 teachers: 4 Science teachers ready to work with bilingual groups and to start activities in the nature in English. We selected also a vocational teacher ready to try to start vocational teaching in English and also ready to bolster the secondary bilingual teaching through “entrepreneurship subjects” that our school offer. All teachers with the suitable profile and interested in this project are involved in it. The group could not have been better, as all of them have a key role in the achieving of the objectives. They are committed to school, and they were working to prepare this project.All of them will attend a training course. The contents are relevant to the proposal, and to the aim of the bilingual and quality education we would like for our students. In the medium term we will continue working to get a bilingual vocational group, in order to improve the employability of our students. We also would like to find new ideas for getting more quality in teaching, and maybe it will be the start of new projects in other fields.This Project is really cost effective; as the funding is small and the potential impact is big for students, parents and town. All youth in the area study some years in our school, so we are forced to try to offer them the best education possible to contribute to develop their personal and professional future.Staff involved: Ignacio Quesada: coordinator of bilingual teaching, teaching science in English to 1 bilingual group, European projects experience, expert evaluator of KA2 projects. Mercedes Moreno: enabled to teach in English, Head of Vocational Department, coordinator of vocational and youth European projects, expert evaluator of KA2 projects, speaker to disseminate European experiences. Ana Pelegrin: teaching sciences in English to 1 bilingual group, head of department, she attended a CLIL course, studying for getting C1 level of English. Alicia Borja: She is in possession of a doctoral degree and a master's degree, enabled to teach in English. Myriam Abad: teaching science in English to 1 bilingual group, studying for getting C1 level of English.
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