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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of this project is to improve the academic competence of teachers in our school within the scope of the Bilingual Teaching Programme. At the moment, 2/3 parts of our Compulsory Secondary Education students are enroled in this programme. This is one of the main reason why we think it is a must that more teachers in our school may obtain the certification which allows them to teach non linguistic disciplines in English. Furthermore, we also consider important that not only English teachers but also the DNL's acknowledge new methodologies and ITC skills in the teaching learning process. Due to this fact, we may distinguish three types of training within our KA1 project. This type of trainig is the following: LEVEL 1: Training for the improvement of the linguistic competence among teachers. This type of training is aimed at teachers who want to obtain the certificate which may allow them to teach non linguistic disciplines in English. These teachers will be monitored by an English teacher in our school and eventually, they will have to do some training in the United Kingdom in an specific college. LEVEL 2: Teacher Training for the acquisiton of new specific methologies of non linguistic disciplines in English. They are aimed at teachers who work as DNL in our school. The participants will be in charge of seeking for specific material in each one of their subjects. This material will be later acquired by our school. Moreover, a teacher training course on specific methodologies will be taken by teachers in order to improve the teaching-learning process of non linguistic disciplines. LEVEL 3: Training for English teachers concerning the acknolwedgement and management of new technologies and methodologies aimed at the teaching learning process of English as a foreign language. Besides, English teachers will develop fluent oral skills to be applied in a secondary classroom. These new methologies acquired will be also extrapolated to the rest of non linguistic disciplines in order to improve their implementation. The results of this KA1 project will be appreciated in the following aspects: - Level 1 teachers will have developed enough linguistic competence in order to obtain the appropriate certificate. - Level 2 and 3 teachers will have developed enough research work so as to obtain different methologies and tools to improve their teaching learning process in future academic years.

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