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Formación del profesorado para una escuela de calidad, multilingüe e innovadora
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Nuestra Señora de Monte-Sión School” is located in Torrent, Valencia. Approximately 1200 students from kindergarten to sixth form from low and middle socio-cultural and economic background attend our school and we have 59 faculty members. The centre offers bilingual education in Valencian and Spanish and it has adopted a multilingual program to teach non-linguistic subjects through English.The “Teacher training to a school of quality, multilingual and innovative” project aims to help improve the quality of education in our center and, consequently, the key competencies of our students The project emerges from analysis and development of the Strategic Plan concerning the the improvement of educational quality in our school. One of the main characteristics to succeed in any school is to take priority over the preparation of new didactical methodologies and help teachers to motivate and concern in any innovative project. That is the aim of this plan so that our staff gets a permanent training in those topics.In our globalized world using foreign languages not only for language classes but also for other subjects in an effective and practical way is essential for our students. Our aim is to do this by using motivating elements such as the use of new technologies, cooperative learning and expanding the learning of a foreign language to non-language subjects or areas through English using adequate methodologes as it is the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).The main goals of this project are:-To develop the key competences in 1200 students using new methodologies and technological resources in class focusing on the critical thought and personal autonomy.-To improve the teachers skills so that they can impulse new pedagogical systems and didactical resources faced to our own students.-To contribute to develop the use and spreading of innovative methodologies in cooperation with other European teachers. In this way we highlight the assistance to eight training courses in which four teachers from each educational stage will take part from June 2016 to May 2018. Those courses are leaded towards:-Foreign languages training-Information and Communication Technologies training-CLIL training-Cooperative Learning training Preparation, project management and evaluation will be conducted by a committee of European projects created in our school in collaboration with receiving organizations, participants and other members of the school staff such as the ICT coordiator. This committee will meet periodically to check it up.Assessment tools include indicators, questionnaires, observation and comparative tables of students’ academic results in previous courses.Short-term outcomes will be teachers’ certification to teach subjects like Technology, PE and Arts through English from 2016/17 school year. Medium-term outcomes will be to establish partnerships with European schools to carry out projects. Long-term outcomes will be the integration of the three languages in the curriculum (Valencian, Spanish and English) and the development of our students’ key competences, their language skills and cultural awareness.Long-term benefits will be to ensure social inclusion and equal opportunities to students that allow them to access the EU’s labour market and become active citizens and adults integrated in a multicultural society and to modernize our school in an institutional way and consolidate this innovative methodologies.The dissemination of knowledge, experiences and results generated by this project will be extended to the entire educational community (faculty teachers, students and families). In order to share the results of our project outside our organisation, local and regional information and training activities will be conducted. To share experiences and disseminate teaching materials generated at national and international level, an eTwinning group “Language Learning, ICT, Cooperative Learning and CLIL Erasmus+ KA1 Mobilities: Resources and experiences" has been created as a tool for European teachers with the same concerns in those methodologies to collaborate. It will be possible for that group to check the received or elaborated stuff along the courses, the mobilities information or our teachers’ experiences by means of opinion articles, photo or video galleries.In addition, project goals will be aligned with the school Strategic Plan plan to ensure continuity and sustainability of the project. In our world knowledge and information is everywhere. We teachers have the duty to change our methodological skills to get our students ready to have not only information but also to improve their abilities to organize, analyze, perform and overall apply their knowledge to the real world. With this project we will be able to face the XXI century education challenges in better conditions.
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