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Foregin Friendly Society
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CONTEXT/BACKGROUND are working with international projects since ....... Years . We want to continue and expend in this field and keep on inviting international guest to our place. Our environment has a great impact on our projects. We want our city to keep on developing in the spirit of muticulturalism and diversity and we want to get more involve in this process. We have discovered that youngsters and organizations across the Europe also wish the same process to happened in their communities. OBJECTIVES AND THE PARTICIPANTS The short term EVS is to bring 10 volunteers from 10 different European Union and partner countries to Łódź Poland. Women and Men in the age of 17-30. This team will work for a period of 2months transforming „Punkt Dla Łodzi” ( Eng. „Point to Lodz”) plebiscite into a multicultural project. Since 2009 „Point to Lodz” is successfully working on identifying investment worthy of imitation and finding out actions and initiatives that positively affect the appearance of Łódź. However, this initiative is not open for foreigners yet. The aim of this project is to change this. Many cultural, educational, social initiatives (such as „point for Łódź” itself) are created without a consideration of international community inside a city. That forms a division between foreigners and native inhabitants. We plan to initiate the „fashion” of including foreign audience while planning all kinds of initiatives for the local community. This way we want to make foreigners who live or visit Łódź a visible part of our city and a city more visible for them. ACTIVITIES PLANED FOR THE VOLUNTEERS: BEFORE THE ARRIVAL We will establish a very good work relationship before the arrival of European volunteers to Łódź. We have planned a pre-arrival task for the volunteers. The Polish team will work on the translation of the website „Point to Łódź” and the international team will give their consultancy and advice on that matter. DURING THE VOLUNTEERS SERVICE Together with our local members of our organization the volunteers are to create: 1. Research of the Foreigners visiting and living in the city of Lodz. Research what foreigners would have chosen to reward in existing categories of “Point to Łódź” 2. Research what are the places Foreigners would call „Foreign Friendly” (The way of making the research and presenting it will be to decide by group after a research making workshop). 3. Definition and criteria of selection of Foreign Friendly Places in Łódź. 4. Internet visibilities of the project. In a form of an website/blog of the project. The group will be also encourage create facebook page/Twitter etc. Of the project. (The details are to decide by the group after internet communication & social media workshop). 5. At least 3 activities that will promote the campaign. For ex. Media conference, diversity parade, theater performance etc. (The form of the activities are for a group to decide after the promotional communicational workshop). 6. Guide to Foreign Friend Society with the event of presentation the results. METHODOLOGY Work will run in accordance with the methods of non-formal education. There will be workshops, discussions, exercise developed by a group of tasks, practical action. Volunteers receive on-going support from mentors, psychologist and coordinators, as well as all the necessary training. RESULTS, IMPACT AND LONG TERM BENEFITS This project will have a long term impact on Łódź community through next foreign friendly editions of „Point to Łódź”. As an organization we are planning other projects related to the subject of multiculturalism inside the European cities. This project will allow us to develop strong partnerships with European organization working in the filed of youth participation. It is the first time we would introduce new way of the recruitment we have design for this project. It will be transparent and based one partnership between organizations. We hope this project will bring us to successful recruitment procedure - able to use and develop for future projects. Another of the outcomes of this project is a guide to a „Foreign Friendly Society” addressed to youth workers, cultural leaders and change initiators all over Europe. Project aims at broadening tolerance. Promoting diversity and multiculturalism and it is there to encourage social dialogue on that matter and work towards dissolving discrimination. Being a part of "Point to Łódź" plebiscite will allow the volunteers to feel that they have a real influence on the community they live in. The project teaches an active civic attitude and develops skills needed to work in a diverse team. The volunteers will be co-creators of the new edition of the plebiscite "Point to Łódź", this will be permanent impact on the local community.
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