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FORCAL — Proyecto piloto de aprendizaje electrónico dirigido a vendedores de calzado sobre ergonomía, salud y calidad

The project has the innovative role of creating training for a category of workers –the footwear sellers- whose number is estimated in 600.000 throughout Europe. The lack of training in that sector has two consistent consequences. The first is that foot-wears, as the majority of the current products, have been submitted to deep change: they incorporate technologies in order to be lighter, to let the foot breath, to face special challenges (the different kinds of sport shoes) as well as they have often got peculiar destinations( kids, teen agers, elder people) or are made of peculiar materials. The proposal argues that a good shoes vendor should become a sort of prescriptor, in order to give the customer a valid guidance. Therefore training becomes a real need for the target people. The second consequence deals with the improvement of the professionalism of workers in this sector as an instrument to reduce uncertainty. Since the employees in the shoes shops are often young women acting as contingent workers at risk of frequent replacement or dismissal. Training should help to give them a professional status, a greater contractual strength and first of all a know how such as to reinforce their position on the labour market. The fruition of training via e.learning should create also confidence with ICTs: a result of great importance indeed. -- OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIES: Activities: (1) a survey in the partnership’s Countries, in order to identify the training needs of the footwear vendors.(2)Definition of the adequate and innovative contents of the proposed e.learning training. (3)The pilot training activity will have as beneficiaries and testers a number of employees belonging to the personnel of a Czech chain of shoes shops). -- RESULTS AND PRODUCTS: Final product: the e.learning programme will be published on the project’s web site -- POTENTIAL FUTURE: The proposal underlines the possibility of expanding the revisited e.learning training on ergonomics, health and quality to the sectors of furniture and of ceramics
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