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For a Sustainable Future
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The theme "For a Sustainable Future" selected by CEFAE-EPFA for this project, is build directly in its educational project, with the titlle"Family, School, Community, together we Future" and represents a challenge made to all of us , teachers, parents, students and the community in general towards a collective awareness of how we teach and learn, contributing to a sustainable future? Not being a new challenge, there remains an urgent! The debate and reflection on this theme highlights doubts and desires, among these: How to better understand the complexity of the world around us? National problems are connected to other worldwide, which means that for your solution? What kind of world do we want for the future? How to balance economic, social and environmental issues that our legacy to future generations reflects positivism? How can I communicate with my peers and promote influence of scenarios in the different dimensions of life? The answers are multiple and complementary, however we can say for sure that education is the most effective means for the challenges that are posed. Progress and development are the result of educated minds, however may not only reflect analysis capabilities, research and innovation, also need social awareness, activism, world! Wewant to Think about the future but also know our past, our common history, is necessary to feel part of something greater than ourselves, a social project that we call humanity. Access to education is therefore essential condition for active and informed participation in the world today, just as access to opportunities and enriching cultural experiences should be egalitarian and more democratic, since only creating new relationships between people, enabling them to communicate and giving credit to their life projects will be strengthened respect for individual and collective needs. Thus, aware of its role as a training entity, the CEFAE-EPFA assumes its responsibility as active agent and promoter of paths leading to the demographic balance and territorial cohesion, while also stimulates values such as education for a global awareness in its employees, because they must be the connecters of behaviors, showing culture and citizenship through contact with different social and professionals realities. Thus, educating for the future, is more than an end, is a process of creating perception, knowledge and enlightenment, leading conscious decisions and constructive by its promoters, agents and participants. Under this project the CEFAE-EPFA shows that mobility of their learners and staff as a personal and professional enrichment platform as well as a learning tool throughout life, contributing decisively to achieve its objectives in terms of European development.

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