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For a shared archaeology

The program “Archaeology and Disability” has two aims: to use the archaeology as a tool (one tool between all the possible tools) for rehabilitation of people with mental disabilities and to project a model to build events and exhibitions in museums thus allowing improved enjoyment for all visitors. This work had a first phase in 2008: in May, on the occasion of the International Day of Museum, promoted by International Council of Museum, some of the partners of this program made an exhibition, in the Mestni Muzej of Ljubljana, entitled “For a shared archaeology – Rehabilitating-archaeological exploration of Roman termae”, in which we opened a Laboratory of Experimental Archaeology with (and not “for”) disabled youngsters. Starting from this experience, our purpose is, now, the improvement of the program and the divulgement of the results: we want to organize a net between all “the good practices” known. In that way we could divide the program in three parts: the work on the field, the study and the divulgation: the experience we made showed us that it is possible.
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