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For a Better Tomorrow!- Youth multipliers Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion for Minority Youth Trafficking Prevention
Start date: Mar 1, 2011,

The project for a training course aims at training 30 youth multiplers, who work with young people from minorities. The aim of the training is to link youth work on minority youth trafficking prevention with youth work on poverty reduction and social inciision, this way - addressing in a long-term perspective the root causes of trafficking. Course objectives are: to promote youth work for minority youth inclusion and access to education and employment in order to prevent vulnerablitly to trafficking; to mobilise European youth mulipliers' involvement in youth work for Human Rights, Participation and Equality; to train young multipliers, working with minority youth to foster minority inclusion as a mean for minority youth trafficking prevention; to promote an asset-based minority community action for trafficking prevention and protection of vulnerable children and young women, mapping and mobilizing of all minority community assets. Particpants and trainers will come from Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia. Bringing participants from the countries of origin (Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia) with those from countries of origin and transition (Bulgaria) and participants from counties of destination of human trafficking (Greece and Italy), the course will provide an opportunity for the young people to better understand the interdependence and common responsibilties that both and Neighbouring countries share in youth trafficking prevention. The training course will be organized in April 2011, in Kalikrateia, Greece
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